Zegna Zegna brand men's clothing: 500 hands behind the garment

Before 1968, Anna Zegna was one of the largest suppliers in the business suit. In the days that have not yet entered the clothing industry, most Western consumers rarely see the signs on the Zegna appeared on clothing. For today's family members, the Zegna factory, which focused on fabric and comfort at the time, seemed to have less about "fashion sense" about "how to suit" and "suit trends." All along, there are two schools of "tit-for-tat" in the men's "dress world." At the beginning of the 20th century, most of Britain's top tailors gathered in London's Savoy Street. Their tailor-made tailoring made the "absolutely formal" British style garment eventually form the "Savoy," while from Italy Naples, Milan's tailor prefer softer, casual clothes. Perhaps because of the average height of Italian men in Europe ranked lower than the reason, the Italian tailor is better at using a slightly wider version, rounded shoulders, long waist, so that men look very slender. GildoZegna, the fourth generation member of the Zegna family, as the current global CEO, told our correspondents that Parametric Customization has played an active role in Italian-American and Western-style suits. Because "harsh" Version of the suit into more "occasions." Despite the widespread popularity of American suit before and after World War II, it is not suitable for the European or Asian body. As a result, the Italian "tailor-made" tailor became the mainstay of the garment industry. In the end, "covet" aesthetic, comfortable dressing, so that the Italian men become mainstream. In the mid-twentieth century, a significant proportion of those in high-class business suits came from the United States, costing tens of thousands of dollars on top celebrities and mystery merchants, sweeping nearly half of European high-end customizations. This is the "eye-catching effect" brought about by the fashion release, and the dressmaker begins to select the special clothes for the sake of getting the gossip. In the 1950s, "New Yorker" used large-format reports to record the period of the "Italian invasion" suit. At that time, people began to regain their demands for dress up. In the American drama Mad Men, you can also see the past suit, and its most prestigious Kennedy era. In the 1960s, the United States created the golden age of the advertising industry, where Joe Hamm combed his head, dressed in a straight suit, and made a tie or bow tie to reproduce the "gentleman" trend of the year. Dress star did promote the popularization of suits, strong Hollywood faces and entertainment symbols become strong around the world, it is also in the "hippie culture" in the 60s, suits, with a conservative forces to become a peer-world The formal dress. Generally believed that the suit originated in the 1789 French Revolution era. A group of poor people from the private sector formed "trousers faction" and served as the rider of the revolutionary forces, so the jacket and trousers rider styling was remembered, some people began to learn to wear similar clothes, the body was seen A suit similar to the suit of today's line, it is widely circulated. Half a century later, the "trousers school" jacket, made of casual jackets appeared in the United Kingdom, this dress is often used as casual wear, cricket or riding gear. As these sports flourished in the Middle East, "costumes" immediately became one of the focal points in the arena. In the early 1970s, mysterious customers from the Middle East countries were once the largest consumers of advanced customization. They low-key but secretly buy Italian "full custom", at the same time, some Italian tailors to the Middle East, for some of the family clothing, or become the exclusive tailor of the family. Francois Lesage once said that Arabs, like the star of the fashion industry, are the busiest times for tailors when oil prices are high. Zegna's clothing is exactly what happened in the late 1960s in the "suit tide", which is the era of conservatives and "punk" peers. In the 1950s, Ermenegildo Zegna's two sons, Aldo Zegna and Angelo Zegna, inherited his father's fabric factory and embarked upon the war of Zegna recovery. In 1968, they started a garment factory in Novara, Italy. Four years later, Zegna started to offer its customers "SuMisura." Zegna, the current chairman of the Zegna Group, told our correspondents: "At the time, Zegna was able to meet the needs of more than 350 fabrics and more than 120 seasonal fabrics. Zegna attracted the attention of more than half a century A large number of tailors from Naples, Milan, Turin. "" The quality of a suit is determined by the three aspects of fabric, cutting, and craftsmanship, and the fabric determines the last two, but overemphasizes the bias on either side "Said Paul Zegna. Count is to determine the quality of the fabric of the technical indicators (Superxxxs), the higher the count, the more expensive the price. Paul told the correspondents: "The two most popular Zegna collections, Trofeo and 13Milmil13, are the best-selling collections in almost every custom shop, with an average diameter of 17 microns in each piece of fabric (equivalent In 130), in addition to good perception and wear resistance, and can eliminate the wrinkles, flat back .13 Milmil13 series wool diameter of only 13 microns, comparable with Super200 branch fabric. This breathable Wool is made from a limited number of Australian Merino wool and must be carefully cut to create our original, lightweight suit. "" The finest wool in Oceania is the gold wool in the fashion world, and New Zealand Wool products produced by two wool producers in Simon and Priscilla Cameron in the southern Canterbury region are just 10.8 microns in diameter and extremely soft, and each year they receive a gold medal at the Australian Wool Contest Of the wool, will be Zegna with the same weight of gold in exchange for. "Paul said," Zegna in 2003 founded the 'ZegnaVellus Aureum International Awards' Previously, the world's best, most soft-touch fleece was 13.9 microns, and after years of huge rewards and incentives, the wool-producing household finally peaked in 2008 and wrote the best record of 10.8 microns. Australia's Top Wool Association has signed an agreement that the former will buy all finalists' wool products and sign long-term cooperation agreements with the wool producers who will be used to produce the highest quality ErmenegildoZegna garments and accessories. Clearly, once a wool producer receives a huge sum of money, he also proudly tells his friend: 'My wool was chosen by Prince Charles.' "" For over a century, with the development of the fashion industry and technology, the garments' fabrics have experienced Several revolutionary changes, but in comparison, the changes in men's suits may be the most 'insignificant', compared with the women in the fashion show, the structure of the suit since the prevalence of the date, it seems never changed. "Jill More Zegna told correspondents, men's clothing is relatively simple. "But I noticed that when the economy is in a downturn, people prefer to wear 'classic' and monotonous versions. The colors of the clothes are also dominated by dark, single colors. When the economy is good, those 'fashion 'Everything is coming out, the collar may be the most obvious in the suit, the most varied part of.' A few years ago, Fashion Week has been dubbed the "circus" the same show, unconventional weird costume suddenly Influx of New York, Paris, Milan, designers use "cut the language" to demonstrate the particularity of each brand. But it is undeniable that this year's Fashion Week is no longer the bustle of the past, the French version of "Vogue" former editor Carine Lovefeld (CarineRoitfeld) that when fashion has become an industry, the fashion industry is no longer as interesting as ever It's When the trend of the brand heat gradually subsided, the big customers seem to put their eyes back on the men's formal wear brand. In their view, the subtle changes in the suit, truly shows the man's change of attitude toward fashion. Thus, the spring and summer 2012 conference, the fashion week has been hailed as "maybe the last days", Zegna has used light colors to announce men's "decent" and "relaxed." "The business suit is perhaps the most formal one." Paul thinks "wear" is talking, and a suit makes people look more decent and makes behavior and speech more respected. Just as Sarkozy's suits are over-rendered by the media, clever Obama often shows off as Ermenegildo Zegna's elite. "


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