Yuan Changyan gourd on the set of a kind of gourd

Yuan Changyan gourd on the set of a kind of gourd The gourds on the cane frame can “get” old birthday stars, giant pandas, and vases. This may not even be believed by many people, but Yuan Changyan, who is in his 60s, turned this into a reality and turned a piece of gourd into The crafts.

Yuan Changyan, who lives in Doumen, Chang’an District, Xi’an. As soon as he entered the old Yuan family, he could see that the rattan racks in the courtyard were covered with gourds, and Lao Yuan moved the harvested gourds out. Speaking of these gourds, Lao Yuan is glad and sweet: “This is an old birthday star, that is a vase, it's a pair of lions, this is a panda, it's a Kowloon jar...” Incredibly, These lifelike crafts are actually gourds.

Lao Yuan said that these gourds are the seeds of this year's March. In June, the gourd grows. He puts them on a gourd with plaster and cement. When it matures in November, he cuts the mold again. Different craft gourds. Lao Yuan also said that he used to work on dry molds in the foundry. Therefore, the gourd molds are all conceived and handy.

Yuan Changyan's production of "Fan Hulu" was a coincidence. In the Spring Festival of 2007, Lao Yuan saw a program on TV and said that with a set of gourds, he could grow various types of gourds. Inspired by him, he planted five nests of gourd seedlings that year, only a gourd shape was endured. In 2008, he planted 20 nest gourds, set more than 30 gourd molds, and one did not end.

Lao Yuan was not discouraged. He summed up his experience and planted more than 40 nests of gourd seedlings this year, hung up more than 70 molds, and produced 9 craft gourds all at once.

Talking about nurturing the “Fan system hoist”, Yuan Changyan said that there are several difficulties: design is difficult, it is difficult to design a good model without a certain amount of space imagination; art sculpture is difficult, because the mold to do a good job will be put on during the early growth of the gourd, Therefore, the engraving requirements on the mold are very strict; the growth is particularly difficult. Since the mold is made of gypsum, it is placed on a gourd, which affects the natural growth of the gourd to a certain extent. Therefore, many of them are long and the success rate is very low.

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