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Ben Wang News, February 11, 2014 New York Fashion Week into the fourth day of autumn and winter, the major brands are getting better: By Jun Ji-hyun in "You From the Stars," wearing the DKNY to reverse the living still continues the American mix and match style, but Because Thousand Sons has received more attention; the DVF model has changed his face and smiled warmly to warm the audience; Vivienne Tam has inspired the Dunhuang frescoes and restored a Chinese style.

DKNY: Thousand Sons favorite sports elements do not show off

DKNY has always been able to play American mashup sports to the extreme, coats with sneakers, baseball jackets with long skirts, has always represented the casual attitude of life, freedom is like a New York life, and sports shoes with coats Such mashups are also self-contained by the Korean band, so although DKNY is only a sub-line brand, it has extremely high popularity. Thousands of Songs in the "You From the Stars" that have recently exploded in popularity are also very fond of DKNY. Many times the brand has been added. It is called a reversal of sentient beings. For this reason, the DKNY's big show seems to have increased again. Some Korean drama powder attention. However, it is not concealed that the strappy skirt would probably have to be put back at home for 2,000 pajamas.

This season DKNY sports shoes will certainly become a hot single product, the coquettish leopard grain plus platform shoes is simply a magic weapon. The baseball cap and dinner bag have brought you to another world. However, the mix and match of American style is a creative idea. This youthful feeling seems to be realized only in DKNY.

Diane von Furstenberg: Model Smiles to Run Warm

Compared to other cold models on the show floor, the models on the DVF's show floor all look like they have gone through an angel. Even if New York snows again and again, it will not seem so cold. The show and geometric print clothing each other, more like the spring flowers, this season's DVF is completely occupied by all kinds of printing, classic wrap dress with suit, really match the popular retro nostalgia and modern modern Alternating feeling.

DVF's show field is full of prints, leopard, heart-shaped, flowers are dazzling, but this feeling of warmth may allow us to no longer hold simple black and white ash in the fall and winter season. Adding a bit of color is very good.

Vivienne Tam: Dunhuang Mural Moves to the Scene

This is a brand that was born in Guangzhou by designer Tan Yanyu and was founded in 1990 under his own name. During the previous seasons, he also experienced many “horrible” periods, but this season inspired inspiration from Dunhuang frescoes, but The presentation of elements that are not symbolized like many Chinese designers has received a lot of praise. In this fashion week, Jiang Xin also selected the first show here.

Printing inspiration comes from the murals of Dunhuang, and the collocations of the colors are also the same as the murals. It seems that Chinese culture is profound and profound, so it is not inappropriate to put this on the design of clothing. ( Cooperative Media: Shoes & Fashion Brands Global Fashion Brand Network China Fashion Network )

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