Yingxiu allows you to enjoy the new concept of "leisure business" brought new feelings

Founded in 2007, Hangzhou Yingxiu Apparel is a professional modern apparel company. Yingxiu Apparel is located in the beautiful capital of West Lake women 's clothing is a young, creative and passionate company. Companies to promote professional brand management mode, the use of scientific and flexible franchising chain strategy, the company under the premise of steady development, the full implementation of quality and service management. Yingxiu has an honest, efficient, innovative, highly cohesive management team, with you a full range of understanding and communication, the store for your image layout, as well as product display elements, sales skills training, etc., provide Personnel, special area, specialized high-quality service.

颖秀 yingxiu

Ying show clothing is a "civilian" brand apparel company. Brand apparel companies have been positioning the market at the pinnacle of consumption. Ying Xiu keen to see the market gap, for just entering the well-off and ordinary consumer groups, the civilian clothing brand. For this part of the consumer to provide youth, beautiful, stylish, taste the clothing. The high-end quality, low price, high quality service is all consumers have been looking forward to, but also the proud of Ying-people!


At the same time, Yingxiu is guided by the principle of "You invest, manage, make money, and develop" as a business principle, so that you can enjoy the new concept of "Leisure Business" Come a new feeling! "Join zero, zero inventory, zero risk" to join the business management model look forward to working with us to create a new career!

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