Women's boss of South Anhui shoe company talks about Jeremy Lin's "Value Trademark"

Women's boss of South Anhui shoe company talks about Jeremy Lin's "Value Trademark" Last night, just after Jeremy Lin's stunning performance against the Raptors, Peak CEO Xu Zhihua hurriedly boarded a flight to New York. He hoped to find an opportunity to invite Lin Shuhao to serve as a spokesman for Peak.

Just last week, Jeremy Lin’s name quickly spread from New York to China. Countless people knew that there was a Harvard boy in New York who could take 38 points from Kobe’s single game. Jeremy Lin, like a comet, has not only won praise from tens of thousands of fans, but also affected the commercial nerves of many sportswear companies in Fujian.

Its worth has surpassed Kobe Bryant yesterday. In the regular season of the Knicks vs. Raptors, Jeremy Lin once again became the most dazzling star. He reversed the Raptors with a score of 12 points in the final round and scored a three-pointer in the final 0.5 seconds to win the Raptors, winning the Knicks a six-game winning streak. Jeremy Lin's stunning performance once again attracted the attention of global Chinese fans.

Prior to the start of the Raptors, some New York media assessments stated that Jeremy Lin’s worth has been as high as US$14 million. After the game, the local media once again exclaimed that Jeremy Lin’s worth has even surpassed the redest stars of the NBA before Kobe Bryant and James.

If the current red-tinged NBA Chinese star is cited as the spokesperson, how much brand value can the company improve? The answer is difficult to describe with specific figures. This also affects the sensitive commercial nerves of many Fujian sporting goods companies.

Peak is one of them. The reporter confirmed from Peak yesterday that on the evening of the 15th, Peak CEO Xu Zhihua had already gone to New York and hoped to find an opportunity to have substantive negotiations with Lin Shuhao on the brand endorsement.

Peak is the only official Chinese partner in the NBA and has signed 12 NBA stars since entering the NBA. Losing the chance to sign Yao Ming in the past caused Peak to regret it. Now they do not want to miss Jeremy Lin who also has black hair and yellow skin.

Peak has long been eyeing Jeremy Lin. "Peak has always had contact with Jeremy Lin and has always been concerned about Jeremy Lin." Peak Public Relations Manager Liu Xiang told reporters: Jeremy Lin and Peake's growth path are very similar, and they all experienced a series of twists and turns before they emerged. A broad road, this is the main reason why Peak wants to fight for Jeremy Lin.

However, in front of Peak, in addition to Jeremy Lin's own willingness, there is also a rival - Nike, this old rival has already signed a contract with Lin Shuhao.

Liu Xiang said that to let Jeremy Lin give up Nike's choice of Peak, the endorsement fee code is not less than Nike's estimated, but also have to condom almost, after all, are "Chinese descendants."

In terms of commercial value, Liu Xiang thinks Lin Shuhao may prefer Chinese companies. In addition to being the same as "Chinese people", China has the world's largest market. Yao Ming's commercial success is a model. "If Jeremy Lin really joined the Chinese nationality and represented China for the London Olympics, then Jeremy Lin's market will not only be global, but will also be unique in the Chinese market."

There is a "dead order"

According to industry sources, the owners of Fujian sporting goods companies have placed a “dead order” and demanded a full assessment of the value of Lin Shuhao.

“Can you find his way?” Ms. Zou of the Sports Planning Department of Jordan, when interviewed by reporters yesterday, could not wait to respond.

“We have been paying attention to him all the time.” A person from Jordan Sports stated that Jeremy Lin is another “Chinese face” of the NBA after Yao Ming retired. The surge in popularity has also made him hot and he can certainly grab it.

However, while many companies in Fujian sporting goods racked their brains to contact Jeremy Lin, there are also some companies that have faced the difficulty of hiring Jeremy Lin’s endorsement and the sky-high price that may be offered, and seem to have chosen to give up.

“We don’t have any plans for this yet.” Yesterday, a Hongxing Erke woman responded in an interview with reporters. It seemed that she did not have any confidence in hiring Lin Shuhao as an image spokesperson.

As early as May of last year, the King Addi who was reported on the Internet in Jinjiang may sign Jeremy Lin, who was still at the bench level. However, industry insiders laughed yesterday and said that if there is still a bit of possibility at that time, it is almost impossible for King Addi to introduce Jeremy Lin.

The first five career starters scored a total of 136 points, surpassing Jordan, and was the best in the NBA after 1974. The "Harvard Boy" Jeremy Lin recently plucked a "Lin Lin Crazy" in the world. His name, "Lin Shuhao," was assessed by Forbes Magazine with a value of about 100 million yuan.

The dazzling halo of Harvard Kids is a huge commercial value. Everyone wants to have a share, but it may be too late when you think of it. Yesterday, the reporter learned that a sporting goods company in Xishan District of Wuxi had succeeded in bringing the “Lin Shuhao” trademark into his arms as early as last year, and only spent 4,460 yuan.

Female boss watching television to see "super valued trade mark"

The earliest people who discovered the value of the three words “Lin Shuhao” were Wuxi Ren Minjie. According to relevant media reports, Min Minjie is the owner of a sports goods company in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Donggang Township, Xishan District, Wuxi. This company was established in 2002 and mainly produces basketball, football, volleyball and other sporting goods.

In July 2010, by chance, Ruan Minjie discovered an outstanding Chinese player Jeremy Lin on television. Ju Minjie judging by experience, Jeremy Lin is likely to become another Chinese NBA star who will shine in the world after Yao Ming in the near future.

As a result, Ruan Minjie entrusted Cheng Guoping, owner of Wuxi Zhengkai Trademark Agency Co., Ltd., to help him register two trademark applications for “Lin Shuhao,” and he was soon accepted. Now Lin Lin Crazy has swept the world, and Min Minjie admitted to the media that the registration of the “Lin Shuhao” trademark was purely a commercial behavior with prejudgment and no malicious speculation.

4460 yuan to win the "Lin Shuhao" two trademarks Yesterday, Cheng Guoping told reporters that Ying Minjie's request, he submitted the application to the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, respectively, applied for the 25 and 28 two types of trademarks. On August 7, 2011, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally approved the application and agreed to apply for two types of trademarks: Jeremy Lin. Each application amounted to 2,230 yuan, and the total cost was 4,460 yuan.

Yesterday, the reporter also inquired about these two trademarks on the China Trademark Online. The sports company applied for the trademark “Jeremy SHL Jeremy Lin” and applied for 25 and 28 gates. Among them, the 25th category is mainly clothing, shoes, hats, etc. 28 categories refer to sports balls, game machines, toys, and so on. The exclusive authority is from August 7, 2011 to August 6, 2021.

What is the commercial value of buying the two “Lin Shuhao” trademarks? According to a Forbes magazine assessment, only the name "Lin Shuhao" is worth about 100 million yuan***. And these two trademarks bought by Min Minjie over 4,000 yuan have become the eyes of everyone. According to informed sources, shortly after Yan Minjie bought the two trademarks, Lin Shuhao became more and more fireworthy, and the value of the trademark also rose. At present, companies already want to spend huge sums to buy these two trademarks in the hands of Min Minjie. Moreover, this company does not buy trademarks for their own use, but they are optimistic about the appreciation of these two trademarks. They expect that after trademark prices continue to rise, they will make a big profit.

Yesterday, in order to further verify the matter, the reporter also contacted Min Minjie. Min Minjie admitted to reporters that his company did grab the two trademarks. However, she said that so far no company wants to buy the "Lin Shuhao" trademark.

Insiders: Many “excellent value brands” have a price without market. “In fact, Lin Shuhao is not the first sports celebrity trademark registered by this company.” An informed source revealed to reporters that this company has also used “weeks”. The names of basketball up-and-coming youngsters such as Qi, “Ban Yi,” and other teenagers have registered trademarks, and Lin Shuhao’s teammate “Anthony” has also been sneaked by this company. It can be said that all trademarks that companies can think of will become famous. Note that it depends on which brand can fire at once.

An industry insider who specializes in the business of trademark registration told reporters that in fact, successful registration of a celebrity trademark by an enterprise requires caution and cannot be too blind. After all, the price of a registered trademark is not cheap, and there are very few brands that can truly become gold. Even if a good value brand is rushed, whether it can really be sold at a high price is also a problem. There are many "super value trade marks" trades that have a priceless market.

Lawyer: "Lin Sai-ho" and "Lin-lin Crazy" Will Not Conflict. It is reported that Jeremy Lin filed an application for the right to use the "Lin crazy" trademark on February 13 local time in the United States. For this reason, he also paid the application fee of US $1625. . Later, an attorney of Jeremy Lin confirmed the news. He said that he would protect Jeremy Lin’s intellectual property rights. It is understood that Jeremy Lin's use of "Lin crazy" use rights include a variety of clothing rights, including clothing, activities, dolls, drinks and backpacks and so on.

Then Lin Shihao’s trademark registered in the United States and Wuxi, the company’s registered trademark in China, will not be in conflict. For this reason, Lu Ming, a lawyer from Wuxi Xihui Law Firm, stated that because the registration and location of the two companies are different, Therefore, conflicts do not generally arise. However, if Lin Shihao later wants to go to China to develop and use the Jeremy SHL Jeremy brand in China, he must also get the authorization of this Wuxi company.

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