WISEMI series of brands Huiyuan flagship store dress up

Autumn and winter season, the main winter market. In the high-end children's wear brand WISEMI another series of brand flagship store, on November 12, 2012 in Dongguan CBD Center Department Store opened. Operating area of ​​nearly 100 square meters, gathered WISEMI brand baby, children, children's clothing and other categories, will bring customers a full range of shopping experience. WISEMI chose to open a flagship store in Huicheng because the elegant shopping environment and high-end commercial location of Huiyi City are in line with WISEMI's high-end brand positioning and elegant fashion taste. At the same time, Huiyi around the high-end commercial and residential features gathered for WISEMI series brands also provide a strong consumer groups. In the Department of Children's Wear District, nearly 100 square meters of WISEMI brand flagship store with a baby, children, CUHK children's clothing series, often come to the children's clothing area customers shines bright, simple and stylish store decoration style will WISEMI brand overall Elegant interpretation of the image just right. Whether from the layout of the shelves, or infants, children's clothing and accessories display, WISEMI are very professional and attention. The opening of the WISEMI brand baby and children's wear Huiyi Chengdian marks WISEMI's cooperation as the most high-end department store in Dongguan and further establishes the high-end brand image of the WISEMI series of baby and children's wear in the consumer market.

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