Winter sun, fashion denim with a single product

In the winter sun shining, all things enjoy the interpretation of the most splendid, the most romantic colors Sunshine refraction full of romantic and elegant atmosphere. Said the essential winter single product, how can less wild fashion cowboy, all year round, are good with style Oh dress. Xiaobian recommended for everyone a few winter fashion up to the cowboy with modeling, so that we all come together to enjoy the winter cowboy it!


Fashion with -1

TH2011 winter new products - jeans with. Black and white striped cotton short-sleeved shirt to do shirt, black and white stripes impressive classic, but it is also immutable point line, it will inevitably make people feel tired. In the face of the ever-changing fashion, stripes are also looking for its breakthrough and surprise.

Fashion single product: striped cotton T, jeans feet pants, post-modern sweater, fashion hit felt hat, fish head high heels.

Striped cotton T retail price: 259 yuan

Jeans feet pants retail price: 329 yuan

Postmodern sweater retail price: 399 yuan


Fashion match -2

Denim long shirt coupled with black woolen coat, noble and luxurious light fashion style. Today, luxurious woolen denim is no longer exclusive to the exclusive patent lady, and more and more young girls wearing exquisite, stylish wool appeared in the streets of the city, in the subway. No longer angry and show more youthful vitality.

Fashion single product: denim long shirt, blue leggings, woolen jacket, blue scarf, nude color fish head high heels.

Denim long shirt retail price: 219 yuan

Blue Leggings Retail Price: 219 yuan

Woolen jacket retail price: 899 yuan


Fashion match -3

Autumn and winter 2013, bright colors still have a place. The unique denim shirt with either dating or shopping MM are the hearts of the first choice for a single product. Blue and yellow with lively, casual hit the color, hat decorated with this set is not that simple, boring.

Fashion items: denim long shirt, yellow leggings, blue bucket bag, yellow warm scarves, geometric patterns hats.

Denim long shirt retail price: 369 yuan

Yellow Leggings Retail Price: 219 yuan


Fashion with -4

If you are a fashion-loving GIRL, I believe there are bound to be a few denim shirts in your closet. Whether cowboy vest or denim shirt, as long as you take it properly, the same can be the original intention of the WTO.

Fashion items: postmodern shirts, curling hats, golden belt shorts, blue leggings, denim blue long shirt, solid color classic scarves, the trend of wild jazz hat.

Short denim shirt retail price: 299 yuan

Blue Leggings Retail Price: 219 yuan

TH2011 winter new full shelves, you are welcome to visit the store to buy. Concerned TH2011, enjoy the fashion ......

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