Which of the "jewel fruits" of the jewelry industry?

Gemstones come in a variety of colors, not only in colorful colors, but also in more midtones. Because the color of the gemstones is bright and watery, it is like the fruit in life, so many gemstones are named according to similar Fruit comes, so it is easy to remember, then let's take a look at it:


1, grape stone

Grape stone is one of the most popular and highly recognizable fruits in these fruit stones. It is actually a silicate mineral. It is named for its color like grape meat. It is usually green and yellow is extremely rare and precious. There are also white, yellow, red and other colors.

Due to its transparent texture, elegant and light green, and watery transparency, the grape stone is like the top of the ice jade. It is sought after by some grape lovers. In recent years, it has also been deeply influenced by many jewelry designers. favorite.

Grape stone is a kind of colorful treasure filled with positive energy. Wearing the jewelry made by it can give you confidence and beauty. When you become negative due to setbacks, you may regain the warm grape stone. Perseverance, go further, achieve the goal!


2, strawberry crystal

Strawberry crystal belongs to a kind of red crystal. This red crystal looks more like the color of a strawberry, and the natural deposits in the crystal are like the fruit seeds on the strawberry. Therefore, this kind of red crystal is called strawberry crystal. The larger the crystal, the higher the value, and it is worn on the body. Due to the influence of body temperature, there will be a clear red effect.

Because of its low yield, strawberry crystal is rare and rare. Its color is slightly darker than that of Furong crystal, but it is not as bright as Argentine red. It is suitable for light. Under the light, the crystal inside the stone is very charming. Silky silver, very pretty.

Strawberry crystal has a strong effect on human love and interpersonal relationship, which can enhance personal charm and popularity, make people's love and marriage happy and happy, and have a successful career.

In addition, Strawberry Crystal can also develop the heart wheel. When you inject the information of love into the crystal, others can feel the existence of your love. Women who are full of expectations for sweet long-lasting love must not miss it!


3, watermelon tourmaline

There is a unique variety in the tourmaline. It is infrared green, just like watermelon. It is called “watermelon tourmaline”. Because of its sparse production and unique variety, its price is also relatively expensive compared with other varieties. It is said that the sleeping pillow of Empress Dowager Cixi The bottom hem is the watermelon tourmaline. The best watermelon tourmaline is cut open, and a green circle is seen from the cross section, the middle is red, and the outer edge of the axis is green.

In addition to its unique appearance, watermelon tourmaline has extremely special effects. The representative effect is the beauty and beauty effect, so it is very popular among female friends.

In addition, it can also stimulate imagination and creativity, have the power to gather wealth, can open up people's minds, make people calm, focus, clear brain, help sleepy eyes. Main top wheel, eyebrow wheel, throat wheel, chest, spleen.


4, garnet

Garnet is a kind of mineral. The shape and color of garnet crystal and pomegranate seed are very similar, hence the name "garnet". Garnets with a high degree of clarity can be a gemstone. The common garnet is red, but its color is very broad and covers almost the entire spectrum. It is the birthstone of the United States in January and is the gem of the second anniversary of the wedding anniversary. Garnet is produced almost everywhere in the world, and Germany is the country with the largest number of garnets.

Garnet has always been synonymous with faith, firmness and simplicity, and has become a token of love between many men and women.

Garnet helps to improve the shortcomings of human blood, quickly restore physical strength, and thus can achieve the effect of beauty and beauty, so it can also be said that garnet is the first choice for women's jewelry.


5, olivine

Olivine, a kind of mafic mineral, high-quality olivine is transparent olive green or yellow-green, the crystal clear color is very pleasing, also known as "the gem of the sun" symbolizes peace, happiness, peace and other good wishes. In the war between some ancient tribes, peace was often expressed by the exchange of olivine. In some temples in Jerusalem, there are still olivines inlaid thousands of years ago.

The world's famous producers of high-quality olivine are Brazil, St. John's Island in the Red Sea, Egypt, and the gems of the Hannuoba basalt in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China. Olivine is not a reputation for being a "happy stone". It also has the effect of helping sleep and reducing fever. It is also a "warm agent" in the family life of couples.

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