What to pay attention to when buying a diamond necklace

What should I pay attention to when buying a diamond necklace? If the diamond ring is a must for every bride, then the diamond bracelet is a dispensable decoration. Therefore, buying a diamond bracelet is not something that ordinary people can afford. When you finally decide to buy a diamond bracelet, you find that you don't know anything about buying a diamond bracelet. If you buy it like this, you will definitely suffer.

Diamond necklace

Pay attention to the choice of style

Most of the friends see the style of round diamonds. In fact, there are many special-shaped diamonds that are quite value-for-money and can make you look unique and glamorous! The popular shaped diamonds in the country are princess square, heart shape, olive shape, oval shape and teardrop shape. The exquisite style of these shaped platinum diamond bracelets will never be inferior to the round diamonds.

Price positioning

Determine your own price range that you can accept. Because different prices determine what kind of platinum diamond bracelet you can finally buy. The more accurate estimate is: If you buy a bracelet of more than 1,200 yuan, the price of diamonds is usually the main factor determining the price of your bracelet, so you need to first look at the relevant indicators to determine the price of diamonds.

Material selection

Before buying a diamond bracelet, you must first determine the material of the diamond bracelet. The material of the diamond bracelet is usually in platinum and platinum. The name of platinum on the market is 18k white gold and 750 platinum. Platinum is commonly used to make pt950 and pt900. The difference between platinum and platinum is that platinum is harder and cheaper than platinum, but it has faded over time. Platinum is more chemically stable and more expensive than gold, but the texture is softer than gold.

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