What color autumn and winter woolen coat choose the best look

Autumn and winter, wool coat has become a beauty in the closet of regulars. Do not look at it soft and thick texture, alone that smooth enough lines to make it sought after, not to mention that it can provide us with a variety of options. What color is popular in autumn and winter this year, take a look at it.


(Source: Fashion Square 2013 autumn and winter new product)

Pink series in the coat every year have great acclaim! Delicate color is both sweet and can reduce age, who can resist such a lovable color yet. At the same time, the cloak-like style brings more freshness to the coat. Loose version, so you can wear more sweaters to warm the warm, it will not appear too bloated.


(Source: Fashion Square 2013 autumn and winter new product)

Fresh lemon yellow autumn coat is also a prominent color. No sense of heavy black line, gives a very fresh feel. Slim cut, the details of the Department of the button hidden under the placket, so that the coat looks more capable, but also a temperament paragraph Oh!

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