Welcome Tasting Feiyi exclusive fashion feast on November 28 opening

November 28 Italy will open the spring and summer 2013 Fifi apparel screams for the trend, Dongguan Italian Accor Garments Co., Ltd. 2013 Spring Summer new product release and ordering will be Humen Dongguan grand opening. By then itaiy spring and summer trend of elegant new products will be gathered in the spotlight debut. Interpretation of the spring and summer fashion trend of this year's fashion, welcome 宾朋 and franchisees to visit here, the common taste of Fei Ya exclusive fashion feast!


Dongguan Zhiwei Garment Co., Ltd. is the "JHCOCRY" Italian-style women's fashion brand owner! Dongguan Zhiwei Garments Co., Ltd., specializing in high-end women's fashion brand design, production and sales; with a number of large garment production base, Over the years has been well-known brands at home and abroad to cooperate.

欢迎品鉴意菲雅专属时尚盛宴 11月28日开幕

Company support:

1, the shop site: signing customers, the company will send professional marketing staff to help customers in the local downtown and high-block shopping mall choose the best shop.

1, image support: Free store opening renderings storefront plans, plans, construction plans; circuit diagram.

2, shelves material support: opening of new stores support hangers, trousers folder; advertising materials; bag; VIP card and so on.

3, opening support: the company sent someone to help customers open, provide professional training, display, terminal maintenance, promotion services

4, supervision and support: The company from time to time to supervise the store site professional training guidance

5, support for goods: the company implemented a large number of small, customer inventory risk goods 0;
6, advertising support: quarterly advertising materials required by the company free and some large outdoor advertising media advertising support

Seasonal activities to promote: The company for the national market, the monthly weekly, seasonal activities, publicity and support, through posters and advertising posters and gifts, VIP customer maintenance, and the introduction of value explosion models for promotion and promotion, not only the service, More in place.

7, POS system: The company provides shop terminal retail management system, personnel management and product management and receive all the information of the company's products, click the mouse, in one step.

欢迎品鉴意菲雅专属时尚盛宴 11月28日开幕

Company Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Jinshan Baisha Industrial Park, Italy Feiyiya brand (Humen high-speed rail station next to)

Contact: Tel: Miss Guan

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