Wear new shoes every day! Teach you to take care of flip fur footwear

【Benevolence - Shoes and Life】 Let's talk about the type of fur. Many brands of sneakers have flipper styles. In contrast, new balance fur styles should be the most, and almost every one is fur. Furs are generally divided into cowhide, calfskin, and suede. Suede is softer, feels better, and is more comfortable for natural wear than cowhide.

I use the new balance retro shoes as an example, the length of the fur is roughly divided into three categories: short hair, long hair, long hair.

Like the English-made 576, the American-made 1300, the British-made 1500 and other styles of retro shoes, used more than a short fur, from the outside look, basically do not see it is turned fur, can use hand touch, you can feel it, hair is very short very short.

In addition to the above-mentioned several retro shoes, new balance other series of retro shoes are basically used in the length of the fur, like domestic 574, American-made 996, American-made 998, domestic 999, etc. are all medium-length fur, this A kind of fur can be seen at a glance, feel better, feel very comfortable, of course, this is only in the new state of the shoes, if you wear for a while, the feel may not be so good.

The long-running fur like the domestic 1500 is rare, and it always feels like the hair of an old shepherd dog. It is almost mopping. Of course, I am somewhat exaggerated, but it is rare to see such a long fur. Think of it if it was dirty and it was a headache.

The above are three kinds of more common types of fur. Next, I used the new balance US-made 1300 and glossy G9 retro shoes as an example to teach everyone how to clean up the fur-sneakers.

First, we must first prepare clean-up tools, a dry square towel, an ordinary toothpaste, and an abandoned toothbrush. In fact, no need to be so professional, have to use what fur cleaning agent, what professional cleaning brush, on these ordinary daily necessities on the OK, our family is not open wash shoes shop, who is so professional to see ah!

Short fur is the easiest to take care of. Usually, taking a bus to and from work will inevitably be stepped on. It's also normal to go out and play with friends or partying shoes. Do not control it at that time, go home, soak the kerchief, do not be too wet, half dry and wet best, because the fur is afraid of water. Dirty place, directly with a wet square towel to wipe clean, the side of the sole, also used wet square towel back and forth several times, and then put the shoes on a corner of the balcony, ventilate and dry just fine. This is the simplest daily care, and it is suitable for some ordinary fur stains.

Let's look at how to clean up some of the more troublesome stains.

In addition to being stepped on and sprinkling water, our sports shoes are occasionally covered with oil or mud, especially when it rains accidentally. When we go home and see it, the hearts of the shoes are thrown away. I remember one time, breakfast, accidentally, a drop of chili oil directly on the fur of the shoes, and in an instant my heart was cold, I feel no hope of cleaning. Later, thanks to the tube toothpaste at home to save my beloved shoes, it should be true.

It's really troublesome to drop oil on it. Squeeze a bit of toothpaste on the scraped toothbrush, and then touch it with water. It must not be too much water. Then the oily part of the shoes is dripping gently. Brush a few times to ensure that the grease is thoroughly cleaned.

After brushing evenly, wipe it again with a damp square towel. This square can be moistened, because the toothpaste must be wiped clean. Otherwise, after the skin is dry, there will be a piece of white on the fur, wipe it several times, wipe it clean. .

The side of the soles is treated like the same way, or use a damp square towel to clean the dust. Then, continue to the corner of the balcony, ventilated and dry. Basically, the oil on the fur will not be visible, but the fur may not be so soft, after all, after cleaning, after the dry, naturally a little hard, but as long as not touch, see it is invisible of.

to sum up:

These are the tips I used to share with you about cleaning up your furs. In fact, it's not as legendary as to turn over furs. Right? It doesn't need to be cleaned every day. Clean up once a week or month. Don't wait for the shoes to be dirty. If you don't clean it, think about it again and maintain it. Everybody loves it. Shoes are the same as clothes. When you wash clothes, remember to wipe your shoes so that you can wear new shoes every day. Isn't it the New Year every day? (Cooperative Media: Clothing collocation)

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