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Slightly nostalgic Polka Dot skirts became the summer's most popular girls dress single product. Wave style has always been the trend of fashion can not be a major element of the trend, whether it is fresh and sweet and playful feel, or sexy and charming intellectual temperament, as long as the existence of wave points can bring a different visual impact! This season, once again hit the wave of strong winds.


(Source: 2013 summer new product)

Green grass color gives the most enjoyable visual enjoyment, dotted with white waves while adding another kind of beauty. Stitching design with light texture of chiffon, in the layers of the distribution of the incomparable lightness and vitality.


(Source: works of summer 2013 new)

White wave point chiffon dress, the black and white color interpretation of the most classic taste, skirt wave modification is to deepen this feeling. Slightly a little blue mash-up style and rotiflex at the ruffle, showing a well-behaved sweet temperament.

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