Watanabe men "natural color, texture legend" 2012 spring and summer product orders will be a success

Watanabe men's "natural color, texture legend" 2012 spring and summer product orders will be held October 6, 2011 -9 day held in Watanabe Industrial Park, from all over the country agents, franchisees and friends gathered crossing Masamune, Great cause of conspiracy. In this autumn harvest season, in this nationwide celebration day, friends across the river gathered together and ushered in the waiting Watanabe Men "natural color, texture legend" 2012 spring and summer product orders. 2012 spring and summer products, by summing up the previous season's experience, the integration of various types of feedback on the market; our products will be more accurate in line with the company's product-style positioning. Watanabe company continues to uphold the "fashion, texture, leisure" brand positioning, unique style design, fashion style, excellent product quality, to create "texture man." At the ordering meeting, the customer showed great enthusiasm for crossing the spring and summer products of next year. The orders exceeded the planned guidance set by the company in advance. Chau Chao, chairman of Dusen Chao said: Watanabe will unswervingly provide everyone with quality products and services for everyone to do a solid backing of the business. 2011 is a crucial year for the rapid development of crossing sen. In 2011, Watanabe joined forces with Beijing's professional consulting firm to reposition the brand. "Watanabe men's choice of texture men" became the core demand of the brand, which opened the series of Watanabe brand elements to upgrade. After crossing the brand positioning, 3.18 invited Donnie Yen in Beijing to take a picture album, 3.28 participated in the Beijing International Clothing & Accessories Fair and invited Donnie Yen Dusen brand strategy was released after the release, in the fashion industry had a profound impact; Redesigned the VI system with the brand positioning, the new visual recognition system makes Dusen brand more fashionable, internationalized and savvy. Watanabe at the same time designed a new SI manual, creating a stainless steel as the main material of the new seventh generation terminal image, the new terminal image of fashion, texture, luxury, increase the added value of the product, praised by the industry; 2011 8 The contract renewal of Donnie Yen in success, we and Donnie have altogether gone through 6 years of ups and downs, in the future we will continue to work together to build the Duomo brand into a national brand name; September 2011 Henan Branch was established, so far the company a total of Four branches: Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning. In addition to the branch outside the layout of the country a total of six areas, by the regional manager of the various sections of the business guidance, maintenance and expansion of the company in 2011 to open new stores preferential and support policies, but also for more than one shop implementation Multi-millionaire policy, focusing on supporting and building a number of multi-millionaire store owner. 2012 is the key year for Watanabe brand to go to the whole country. Watanabe's goal is to become the top men's brand in China with a long way to go in the future. In the new year, Watanabe will intensify its efforts in the following four aspects: First, to tap the connotation of product positioning and orient the consumer demand, and develop a best-selling product rich in Watanabe brand culture style; second, to increase channel construction, Especially the development of the blank market in the province during the development of different forms of chain terminals at the same time, to achieve the national market channel layout; third is to strengthen the company's internal management, emphasis on team building. Establish a modern company management mechanism to achieve efficient office. The ultimate realization of the external harmonious development of internal benevolence and progress; Fourth, increase investment in brand building and enhance brand awareness, focusing on creating a terminal image, the realization of: terminal media. At present, the country's economy is prosperous and the country is strong and the people are rich. The construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone has become a national development strategy. With the promotion of the government, Henan garment industry has become the core industry for economic development. Dusen company ushered in a golden opportunity! Crossing all business partners to seize the opportunity to advance with the times and realize the brilliant life and career! Watanabei Industrial Park Hou always give 2011 autumn and winter orders outstanding customer award Zhuzhuo 2011 autumn and winter orders outstanding customer presentation Hall window display Ordering site Welcome dinner Song and Dance Performance (5) Welcome Dinner Song and Dance Performance (A) Welcome Dinner Song and Dance Performance (B) Welcome Dinner song and dance performances (c) Welcome dinner song and dance performances (d)

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