Warmly congratulate the Red Kai Bell Women Guiyang Baiyun store a strong attack I wish Chen new store opened

Today, Shenzhen is still hot in the fashion show, but here in Guangzhou Red Kai Beier Women Guiyang Baiyun shop strong attack, I wish President Chen in this new store opening their doors! Business is booming! Red Kai Baishan shop opened in the bustling streets, there are famous old Beijing cloth shoes, upstairs or KFC Oh, such a bustling lot of business absolutely hot, take a look at the dynamic shop it.

Opening of new stores, the flow of people is good, the evening shop lights open more dazzling, warm lighting, coupled with the two-story design, very tall Oh, although the shop facade is small, but the design is sufficient to attract many people , Red Kai Bell ladies ladies style, sweet style, personality, fashion sense all have, definitely to attract you.

热烈祝贺红凯贝尔女装贵阳白云店强势出击 预祝陈总新店开业大吉

Although the door of the shop is not large, but approaching the store that is another universe ah, the store is very deep length, the second floor, so that the design of the store is not so unique? The first floor and the second floor are not the same style of display, people want to shop into the two layers of clothing are all over again, each with a sense of fashion. Cooperation Hotline: Cai Sheng

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