Warmly celebrate the opening of Aismos Shaanxi Yan'an on May 1

Thanks for the development of Amy Sue has been concerned about the development of clothing, have your attention, we will do better, and you all the way.


Amy Suo women's products show

On March 26, I got a phone call from Yan'an. There was a lady on the phone talking to me about him more like our brand and wanted to join the brand shop. Said to be before and after the Ching Ming Festival will visit our company, April 7, Miss Feng told me that they will come April 8, the same night I made a very good dream, that is, in the dream to give this customer Deal. Miss Fung on the train has been off state, I have been unable to contact in the afternoon, he gave me a phone that I want to go to other brands door to pick her up. Then that place we are not very familiar with, the driver looking for a long time angry at me, how do you not customers come by car yourself, I told the driver that the place is not good taxi. Then the customer waits too quickly, and we took 45 minutes to get the client to the company. Their gas also disappeared.


Amy Suo women's products show

When you see the product, and their basic understanding of the site is the same. More credible, after reading more than an hour, the feeling is still very satisfied, may be just arrived in Humen, you need to see a few more, I accompany them at dinner after dinner said tomorrow at 12 o'clock I call you, if you find I joined you better than our good brand, but without our good words, I suggest or do our brand. Then they drove back to the hotel to stay. I was 11:43 minutes to call them, they said I would pick them up to the company, at the same time another brand also intends to pick them up to the company at this time. Really I was a step faster than them, the customer received the company, then we will cooperate. May 1 opening. I sincerely wish him a prosperous business.


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Address: Humen Town, Dongguan City, the first industrial zone A10 Building

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