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The advent of the 21st century global business era; "urban business travel" has increasingly integrated into the lives of successful business people. How to show a successful and decent business image, while enjoying the perfect journey comfortable and stylish business people become the focus of appeal. From the British high-end men's clothing brand "WAMES" (Royal Maishi), with many years of experience in Europe brand marketing, the gentleman, rational, elegant British style and the "simple, comfortable and stylish" the perfect combination of modern popular atmosphere . The company offers classic suits including attendance at business events, trendy collections for casual social events, and business campaigns designed to meet the needs of successful Chinese business men on a variety of occasions. "WAMES" brand insist on the use of the world's top technology fabrics; coupled with sophisticated exquisite apparel craft making every product. England calm and wise and subtle and elegant gentleman cultural connotation of the overall atmosphere of the style and rigorous scrutiny of the details to be in the "WAMES" every product to show. "WAMES" a full range of products, with its excellent quality, stylish taste and comfortable natural clothing experience is gradually leading the new fashion business men's high-end.

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