W 12TH AVE Women's Wear 2012 Spring Wear invites you to join us

W 12TH AVE women's clothing 2012 spring conference will be held October 10, 2011 to 15th grand opening, welcome to visit the guide! Hong Kong far Granville International Limited headquarters in China is a company mainly engaged in the production of women's enterprises, the products are sold directly to Europe and the United States and other countries in foreign countries have a large number of fixed source. Corporate headquarters set up in Hong Kong. In Hangzhou company has advanced equipment and large-scale woven garments factory, the factory covers an area of ​​43 acres and employs more than 1,000. The company has established a modern management model and a sound management system, in pursuit of excellent quality of perseverance, but also by virtue of quality service and customers to maintain a good relationship of cooperation, the company focus on humane management, not only for employees to provide a broad development stage, Also set up a sound incentive mechanism.

W 12TH AVE品牌女装2012年春装发布会邀您共赏

Brand style The company's W 12TH AVE brand, focusing on the latest international trend, based on consumer demand as a fundamental, functional and comfort as a starting point. Selected products in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other ground materials, high-grade texture, elegant appearance. Designed to pursue the classic, practical, elegant. W 12TH AVE; young, stylish, innovative and unique, without losing the stability and maturity, into the casual and professional integration. Whether it is quality, or the overall image has done a perfect, by the vast number of consumers trust and love.
Style positioning:
1, exquisite, bright and fashionable European and American popular style
2, elegant temperament to show the beauty of urban women moving and confident
3, so that women in the distribution of charm in the mature, elegant atmosphere contains fashion
4, elegant classics so that women lightly shuttle in the busy work and leisure weekend
BUSHAKA price positioning spring and summer wear: 259-799 autumn and winter clothing: 359-1599 yuan fur: 1599-8999 yuan Chengzhao provincial agents at all levels and single store franchisee

W 12TH AVE品牌女装2012年春装发布会邀您共赏

Franchise conditions:
1, Has a good brand management awareness and philosophy.
2, to understand the effectiveness of garment terminal sales system operating mode and scientific management philosophy.
3, in the local good business reputation, have sufficient financial capacity and social relationships franchise requirements:
1, one thousand contract margin. (No interest returned after the expiration)
2, with a certain degree of commercial capital strength.
3, with the appropriate conditions of the business premises, requiring stores area of ​​not less than 60 square, shopping malls counter not less than 45 level.
4, with strong business sense and brand awareness, and unified decoration in accordance with the company's image.
5, the first purchase of a single shop Wu ~ pick up more than ten thousand yuan

W 12TH AVE品牌女装2012年春装发布会邀您共赏

Preferential policies
1, enjoy the company nationwide retail price of 4.5 discount supply.
2, enjoy the first shipment within 30 days 100% replacement support.
3, the company free design drawings, free bag, hanger, trousers, etc., and provide free promotional catalog.
4, enjoy the lowest discount when the promotion.
5, enjoy the exclusive rights to the region.
6, enjoy the full cost of renovation costs and subsidies.
West Twelve Street support
1, sales department sales strategy professional guidance.
2, professional supervision division and display division on the store, outside the professional guidance.
3, West 12th Street overall promotion plan. Including the West 12th Street will regularly be well-known fashion magazines at home and abroad advertising, to participate in the well-known major brand apparel exposition, Fashion Week and so on.

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