Use the "feco" rule to select costumes, the answer hidden in the flower rush

Target consumer groups 20-35-year-old urban women.

They have a wide range of values, know how to enjoy life, willing to try, they are the pursuit of fashion but also have a casual temperament of the women; they have a complex demand for clothing, the pursuit of fashion and sensual charming, like to have casual temperament and pay attention to wearing comfort . Their understanding of fashion is neither exaggerated nor conservative, they are eager to dress casual with some fashion and publicity.


Brand positioning synonymous with women 's complex

Brand core aspirations: critical woman, know how to use "feco" law to choose costumes, the answer hidden in the North Korea spend the day pick up !


FECO law Fashion Comfortable Woman Charming Charming Optional (Optional)
To express an unfettered but spiritual lifestyles and return to the "pure and free" spiritual outlook. Apparel through the sublimation of thinking space understanding, decomposition in the cut, the performance of clothing in the degree, amount and style. Natural fiber-based fabrics, comfortable breathable, hygroscopic, and outstanding environmental protection. Style to a single product portfolio, wearing strong, mutual enrichment.

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