"Top Ten Series" flashing good news bird 2012 autumn and winter orders

Quality interpretation of life, life shaping personality. The 2012 Good News Bird Autumn and Winter Orders will be held from March 6 to March 15 with the focus on the molding and new product display of "Top 10 Series" of Chinese clothing, classic, business, cutting-edge, women's wear, outdoor sports, lingerie, leather goods and shoes, In the group headquarters grand. More than 700 agents from all over the country brought together more than 1,400 people. While sharing fruitful results and successful taste, they also conducted in-depth discussions on the good news on the new products, the prospect of new positioning and the brand promotion strategy. It can be said, good news bird 2012 autumn and winter orders will create a fashion event and visual feast. T models in the "catwalk", the new product display and live atmosphere formed a complement each other results. Clearly focused on the positioning of the series, innovative fashion design, unique quality, noble and proud of the presence of the agents left a very deep impression. In particular, "Chinese clothing" series debut, won the full house applause. Personal clothing from the national cultural dimension of "Oriental civilization as the main body, the Western legislation for what I use" as the core design concept of the Chinese clothing series (that is, Chinese dress series) is the most dazzling star order. Chinese costume not only carries the features of "elegance, taste and dignity", but also interprets the Chinese artistic conception of "aura, inner show and solemnity" to realize the perfect combination of the Chinese traditional costume material, traditional craft and modern fashionable concept , Formed a complete system of innovation and promotion of Tang Dynasty, will also become the main focus of the good news bird to promote the world. In addition, the other series, the classic series of "Flowers City - Florence," inspired by the design of the slimming version of suits, widely praised by consumers. Business products are adhering to the usual luxury, noble style, texture smooth, delicate lines, and the new splicing, stand-collar style, to expand the consumer choice level. The cutting-edge series is the elaboration of the modern art hall, with GJM's "Little Times" series of works as a source of inspiration, the series of gorgeous bronze, silver restrained, luxurious black gold formed a very different tastes of the Cenozoic, aura and charm . In addition, devoted urban fashion, dynamic elements, and condensation of the British design concept of sports series, and through the "fifth dimension of thinking," the visual design, highlighting the women's infinite style of women's series, the same bright spot frequently, much look forward to. Fashion leader in the series to lead the extension of good news has always been the fashion industry apparel fashion standard. In "Internal and External Merits" in 2011, the performance indicators surged all the way to a record high and also won the good start of the "Four-Five" strategic plan for the development of the good news. In the face of such a gratifying prospect and a broader market, the good news is that, in the year of 2012, Good News Bird will adopt the strategy of "integrating big stores" and put forward new strategies in the series of main payment, sub-prime payment and image payment method 2012 autumn and winter product planning made a careful planning and guidance. It is understood that the orders for the first time introduced the concept of band order, so that agents can effectively grasp the opportunities, make the best use of force, so as to achieve better brand promotion effect. In response, all agents have given a high rating, and said, "Every year, the Good News bird orders will be able to feel the good news of the bird's growth, and growing strength to maintain the confidence and motivation of agents .We believe that the good news bird brand It will certainly occupy a more favorable position in the new season and lay the foundation for the multi-brand, multi-series and international strategic extension of the Group. "

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