Timeless classic black and white with how fashionable

Black and white in fashion will never be out of date. Although the black and white with the classic is called, but if it is not accompanied by improper or will be reduced to mediocre. It is wise to use bright dots or choose a unique single product to enhance the grade, take a look at the tide is how people with it!


Dan when the spring and summer 2014 new series

White lace chiffon blouse cleverly bee waist design to modify the waist line, a small perspective effect is to bring this ordinary black and white with a small bright spot. With the black package hip skirt, capable temperament and revealed a trace of a small sexy, create a powerful aura.


Dan when the spring and summer 2014 new series

Loose skirts are less hem skirt skirt that angular angular sharp sense of gentle lady temperament more. With a white chiffon shirt, pure and pleasant taste to show up. Let the overall mix with a full sense of small fresh, so that the shape of the show is more rich flavor, and into the sweet atmosphere.

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