There are "rituals" and no "rituals" can go all over the world.

[China Gift Network News] Human society is mainly based on the "gift relationship". Therefore, giving birthday presents, wedding gifts and other holiday gifts is the best way to express emotions.

American best-selling author Robert Huff pointed out in a book called "How to find a good job in this crazy world": Human society is mainly based on the "gift relationship". So many people think that it seems that in this "crazy world", they have to climb up, I am afraid that only the "sense of the big sentiment" that bites the teeth and spares the blood, the more "rites" sent to the leaders and colleagues, the better. The more expensive the better, the so-called "ritual" travels all over the world, no "Zha" is difficult. As a result, this week-round "human debt" is viciously cycled, and it is afraid that it will depend on it.

In fact, in the work, it is not necessary to give a superior to the boss. Giving a gift to a colleague is not the most important. Sending or not sending may bring about a favorable or unfavorable influence. What is important is how to give gifts? Who should send it? Who does not have to send? What to send.

"How to give gifts" is a compulsory study that is difficult to deal with in human etiquette. This class, the school did not teach, colleagues did not say, relying on their own to explore and master. People who are familiar with gift-giving are often not only slick, but also arrogant.

The ancients have had such an incisive exposition: "The front is not exposed to the non-porous hammer, the eight sides are exquisite, more virtual and less real." The metaphor is dexterous, everything can be handled thoughtfully, the work is natural and the relationship is good. What should you say about the "eight-faced and exquisite"? The key may be that "the spirit of eight points is used to be a human being", "there is only two points left to do things", otherwise why many people often do things badly, and "exquisitely" looks like a big embroidered pillow with empty belly. But still smashed, the spring breeze is proud?

In the work of being a man, giving gifts is of course a compulsory basic course. If you don't know what to send gifts, you must work hard at this level. Giving gifts to colleagues is the most effective material bridge to build relationships and promote relationships eight hours away. Colleagues have helped you, and afterwards, you have chosen a gift and sent it to you in person, not only for human feelings, but also for people. Rude; colleagues have weddings and weddings, according to the relationship between the close relatives and sent a proper gift, both added joy, but also bought a human relationship; colleagues are sick, go to visit in time, time should not be too long, send some flowers, fruit Baskets, nutritious drinks, etc., both to appease the patient and express concern... such personal gifts between colleagues, as a contact, feelings, the necessary entertainment for the world, of course, not bad, but pay attention to the weight, generally should not buy too A heavy gift, lest the other person feel that you have ulterior motives, whether you will ask for him or "drag him into the water."

Giving gifts to the boss can be seen as a kind of courtesy, expressing the gratitude of the care. "Eating a person, reporting a fight" was originally the secret to maintaining interpersonal harmony. The boss gave a lot of guidance on the official business, and also helped a lot of work on how to carry out the work. Thank you for making a gift, more specific and more memorable.

Sometimes giving gifts is also a perfunctory. Many people give gifts to their superiors without a clear purpose and demand. They just believe that "there is a soft mouth and a short hand." The leader accepted his own meager gift, especially the gift that can be taken when the festival is celebrated during the holidays or when there is a festive event in the family. In the work, he will naturally be embarrassed to blame and criticize the gift giver. Even if you want to say yes, it may be much softer.

The timing of the gift should be natural, and the gift for no reason is not much better. The old ancestors created the word "courtesy", and I am afraid it is also implied that "everyday gifts," rather than unreasonable delivery. Sometimes, just getting to a new position, just getting results, just being promoted, it is a good time to give gifts.

Of course, not all gifts can be sent out. If the gift is sent to the door of the family but it is rejected, it is really awkward. If you don’t pay for it, you can’t say it. For example, some people think that they have a far-sighted attitude and like to "put a long line to catch big fish", and send some gifts to their bosses for future investment, and this kind of teacher who has no door to the door may be rejected in all likelihood. The boss’s impression of being too heavy is really worse than not sending it.

The daily rituals are human nature, and it is understandable to send some general gifts to each other, but not all gifts should be treated equally, and it is necessary to reject the gifts of colleagues. For example, accepting gifts that may affect the overall situation of the work and benefiting one party is suspected of accepting bribes. It is absolutely unacceptable.

It is estimated that those gifts that are sent to have ulterior motives should generally be rejected. However, they should be evaded, but they should also return the same value gifts as soon as possible. Those who are unwilling to accept them should be accompanied by euphemistic and sincere gratitude.

Therefore, whether this gift is given or not, it is handled flexibly according to the situation. As long as a person works diligently, treats people with sincerity and sincerity, and polishes his eyes and does things, and there is no "ritual" to affect the world.

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