The original beauty of fashion trends in spring and summer 2013

Leading Words: The fascinating road trip of the roads enjoys arid lands and real landscapes, blending local traditions and exotic scenery.

The fantastic and exotic road trip takes in the arid land and the real scenery, blending local traditions and exotic scenery.





The dryness of the desert and the moistness of the jungle are expressed: brown wood, red pottery, vermiculite, khaki, soil green and leaf green. In addition, natural dyeing with a rich flavor of cactus green, bright orange and eggplant purple.


Combines the beauty of the original and subtropical beauty in one. Natural fabrics are represented by irregular woven structures, and hemp, coconut leaves, straw, and paper exhibit uneven texture. The textured silks and motifs are inspired by wood, vines and stones.

Recycled fabrics have an artistic temperament collage effect. Randomly dyed, clipped yarns and blended yarns, as well as fabrics that wash and bleach, create a retro style. Artwork patterns and jacquards create the glitz and flamboyance of Latin folk style and tropical landscape.

Rayon Twill Fabric is marked by its distinct diagonal pattern. Twill Fabric is crafted using a technique that involves the weft yarns wrapping around at least two warp yarns at a time in a unidirectional pattern, creating the diagonal lines in the design. Rayon Twill Fabric is heavier and more structured than other Rayon materials. These qualities give it the remarkable durability characteristic of Twill Fabric. Other benefits of the Rayon Twill Fabric are its softness and absorbency. This strong, opaque beauty is best used for crafting gorgeous jackets, slacks, dresses and other professional attire.

rayon twill

Rayon Twill

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