The most taboo in the bedroom

Core Tip: We spend more than 1/3 of the day in the bedroom, so we can't be sloppy about the layout of the bedroom. Zhang Longming, secretary-general of the Decorative Design Committee of the Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, reminds that no matter the decoration or decoration, the bedroom layout has only one principle: simple and best.

1. TV, computer into the bedroom. When working on home appliances such as televisions and computers, the electromagnetic waves generated will interfere with people's sleep to a certain extent and affect health. According to a survey in Italy, TV in the bedroom will affect the life of the couple, and the couple’s sex life will be halved. Those who do not watch TV will have more exchanges. They can communicate for 15 minutes each time. .

2. The bathroom is located in the bedroom. At present, the large-sized design, the main bedroom will generally have a bathroom, referred to as the main guard, bathing, toilets do not need to leave the bedroom, very suitable for families with a large population. But the bathroom is more stressful, odor and humidity are inevitable. In particular, most of the main guards have no windows, only one vent, the moisture of the bathroom is inevitably into the bedroom, and the bedding absorbs moisture and is uncomfortable to cover. The damp environment also increases the incidence of eczema, dermatitis and some fungal diseases such as skin lice and hand, foot and ankle. It is recommended to buy a bathroom with a window as much as possible, and install an exhaust fan to keep out the moisture.

3. The bedroom is full of green plants. Green plants can purify the air, increase oxygen levels, and relieve tension, so many people move them into the bedroom. However, when the night is not enough, the green plants inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The more green plants in the bedroom, the more carbon dioxide is exhaled. In addition, when the doors and windows are closed during sleep, the indoor air is not circulated, which will cause people to be in an oxygen-deficient environment for a long time, causing persistent fatigue.

4. There is a fish tank in the bedroom. According to market research, at present, domestic households have more than 25 million aquariums, and the number of aquariums owned by foreign households has exceeded 80 million. However, it should be noted that it is best not to raise fish in the bedroom, because the volume of the aquarium is larger than that of the general aquarium, and there is a lot of water vapor, which will increase the humidity in the room, easily breed mold, cause biological pollution, and the aquarium air pump. It also produces noise that affects sleep. It is advisable to place the fish tank in the living room or study.

5. The plush toy is placed on the pillow. Inferior plush toys will not only lose hair, but the material may also be black cotton. It may contain a lot of bacteria, which can cause respiratory and skin infections and affect your health. Even good quality toys, for a long time, will become the best place for bacteria to breed because of external pollution. It is recommended that after buying a plush toy, try not to put it on the bed or on the bed.

1. The interlaced point of the warp and the weft is a structural form of a diagonal line at a certain angle on the surface of the fabric.
2. The characteristics of the organizational structure are that there are oblique lines formed by tissue points or weft points on the organization chart.

3. The surface of the fabric has a diagonal weave formed by long (or weft) floating lines. The tissue loop that constitutes the twill has at least 3 warp yarns and 3 weft yarns.

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