The meaning and origin of the couple's ring

There are thousands of tokens of expressiveness, and only couples can really last forever. Couple rings are a symbol of sweet love. Couples in love are wearing fashion rings. The wearing of couple rings and the meaning of couple rings have become a topic of concern for many couples. Jintou luxury goods network for you to explain the meaning of the couple's ring wearing method and the couple's ring wearing the relevant information for your reference, bless the world's lovers have become a genus, and hope that your couple's ring becomes an eternal witness.

Wearing a couple ring origin

The couple wearing a ring is a kind of ring wearing a method. The romantic tradition of giving a diamond ring or a couple ring to a lover originated in 1477, when the Austrian emperor Maximilian presented a diamond ring to Princess Mary of Burgundy, France. Book a wedding.

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger originated in ancient Egypt. They believed that the "heart of love" was connected to the heart through the ring finger of the left hand, so that the warmth of love can be directly transferred from the fingertips into the heart.

The meaning of wearing a couple's ring

Do not wear a diamond ring on the thumb;

Index finger - want to get married, indicating that you are not married yet;

The middle finger - indicating that he is in love;

Ring finger - indicates that you are engaged or married;

Wearing on the little finger means being single or divorced.

The meaning of the most concise couple ring

Some people use the simpler words of "chasing, seeking, ordering, marrying, and leaving" to explain the meaning and suggestion of wearing the ring on five fingers.

Therefore, the couple ring is generally worn on the left middle finger, because the left hand is related to the heart, and the left hand finger indicates that it is in love, and the love is guarded.

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