The difference between obsidian and gangue

The difference between obsidian and gangue

Both obsidian and ochre are volcanic glass stones. The cause of this is that volcanic lavas are rapidly coagulated and hardened. Obsidian is a common black gemstone. The main component is silica, usually black, and the meteorite is obsidian. A member of the family, unlike the Obsidian, is the eye of the ochre, and its eyes are composed of a single piece of sand-like gold dots, glittering and very beautiful.


Obsidian is known as the "Black King Kong Warrior", which is the most absorbing gem in the spar. In ancient Chinese Buddhist relics, there are quite a lot of obsidian or Buddha statues about the evil spirits of the town house. The obsidian has evil spirits. The effect of sputum and protection of safety, with super strong adsorption capacity, can dissolve the turbidity inside the body and bring people a healthy physique. Obsidian is the natural stone of the crystal family with the strongest adsorption capacity. Wearing it for a long time can give you a new look of spirit and bring you unlimited positive energy.

The gold meteorite belongs to the best of obsidian. It has a charming golden sand "eye", which is emitted from the inside of the bead. There is a layer of red clouds around the golden sand. It is very beautiful, and this newly mined material has very little yield. It is more precious than obsidian. If the obscuring "color eye" is implicit, then the "golden eye" of the meteorite is passionate. The meteorite has a strong natural spirituality. It is often worn to enhance the vitality of the human being, and it can enhance the mobility, enhance the charisma of the leader, the centripetal force, and the golden eyes of the diamond. It is a weapon for collecting wealth.

Both obsidian and ochre have the effect of ensuring wealth and evil spirits. They are recognized as sacred objects of Buddhism. However, the effect of gangue is stronger than that of obsidian. The gangue has beautiful golden eyes, which is not what obsidian does. The price of gold ochre is not much higher than that of ordinary obsidian, mainly because of the quality of the crystal.

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