Stream of consciousness stream women's endless source of charm

Inspired by the stream of women 's creative inspiration from street or international fashion shows. After casual fabric, color, texture, details of the ongoing research and restructuring to create free and casual clothing. The perfect example of art and commerce, is the source of endless stream of women's consciousness. She is the first to break the routine, the concept of mix and match fashion brand. From the details to the mix, all "mixed elegant, stream of consciousness women from the film, music, painting and other art inspiration, with the trend, to stimulate creativity, show women self-confidence, from the heart of the elegant modern temperament.




Stream of consciousness women 's franchise stores, the perfect interpretation of the trend of vintage luxury, full of artistic and fashionable atmosphere to create a shopping environment, people enjoy the fun of Netcom. Stream of consciousness Women fashion, professional, meticulous and full of affinity services, but also make it an indispensable beauty in the female life partner.

This kind of warmth-keeping type is mainly for the long-term winter wear in the alpine areas or the colder Antarctic and Antarctic regions. Usually, it uses a very thick, completely wind-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant outer material + a lot of velvet and duck down. It has a relatively large self-weight, and generally belongs to the extended garment, so as to ensure that other warmth-keeping clothes can be easily put on inside.

Short Coat

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