"Special Forces Fire Phoenix" hit the uniform wind again lit.

"Special Forces Fire Phoenix" stills "Special Forces Fire Phoenix" tells the story of the high-level decision of the Southeast Military Region to select the formation of a code-named "Phoenix" women's special forces. This main theme of 90th female group military drama, not only continues the "I am a special forces" series of magnificent momentum, but also to select the formation of the women's special forces this fresh perspective as the main line of the story line, through the brutal training and Actual combat gradually metamorphosis, and ultimately to a real soldier's gesture to bloom again and again to complete the Phoenix Nirvana. So attract the attention of many audiences. For those looking tired of men dominated the military spectators, is undoubtedly a particularly good news. "Special Forces Fire Phoenix" hit, military uniform wind was ignited again, Kawagoe dress round your military dream I have read the "Special Forces Fire Phoenix" ladies want to put on a military uniform to show the towel does not allow the magnificence of the man, And seen "Fire of the Special Forces" men have a greater sense of responsibility and pressure, women can be so powerful, then the man is not even more important thing! Have thought of putting on a military uniform, to highlight the male glory! So what kind of military clothing style is better, Xiao Bian for your recommendation Kawagoe clothing, fulfill your military complex, show your strong charm! "Fire of the Special Forces Fire" hit, the uniform wind was ignited again, Kawagoe dress round your military dream "Kawagoe" brand clothing to urban hunting accessories for the design source, recreating the urban casual wear of the natural free and easy, to show a casual and Upward lifestyle. Companies adhering to the "all to customer needs and interests as the core" business philosophy, advocating the "unity and efficient, honest and win-win" values ​​and "quality, fashion, beauty," the product concept. Military elements to promote brand promotion, committed to the dissemination of "fashion military outdoor leisure clothing," the brand culture.

1) Are your company is trading company?

A: We are machines manufacture, we have two factories: one is Guangzhou Taixinsheng Machinery Co,. Ltd, other one  is Thies (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd  is our own export and import company, mainly deal with export orders.


2)Do you have after sale service?

A:Our factory has been more than 20 years. We have our own professional production and after sale service team. We also can provide knowhow.


3)Which countries are buying your machines?

A: We sold to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Norway, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Latvia and so on.


4) Do you attend exhibition?

A:We attend Shanghaitex exhibition, ITMA, DTG in Bangladesh, Vietnam exhibition, Indonesia Exhibition and so on. Before we go to attend exhibition, we will announcement on website.

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