Snow shoes: best heel 2cm

[This site - shoes and life] when the ice and snow how women wear shoes best?

High heel can affect the position of the center of gravity, making it easy for people to fall; non-heeled flat-bottomed non-slip shoes have poor stability and should not be worn. Should wear a certain non-slip shoes heel, heel height of 1.5-2 cm is appropriate.

It is not good if the soles are too soft or too hard. Although the soft soles can increase the comfort of the shoes, it will lead to increased instability, so do not choose soft soles. It is best for elderly people with poor stability of action to wear shoes with a certain height and stability. This will not only prevent slippage but also keep warm. Some non-slip shoes have soles made of rubber that are easy to open, and the rubber can easily become brittle when it freezes in the cold, or even breaks. Now relatively good non-slip shoe soles are made of TPR material, such non-slip shoes are more wearable and lighter.

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