Shanghai Fashion Week AW19 preview | Donghua SCF-2019 Star Show

2019 Star Show SCF Shanghai Fashion Week Conference


Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh, the Shanghai International Fashion and Creative Institute (SCF College), which expands the cross-cultural vision of the design discipline, adheres to the spirit of teaching design and social service, and enters Shanghai for the first time with the creative design of clothing. fashion Week.

What are the SCF star show people paying attention to?

The goal of sustainable fashion is to create a system that is endlessly supported by environmentalism and social responsibility as part of the design philosophy and sustainability trends. It reflects both eco-fashion and morality, mainly in: environmental procurement and material manufacturing, reduction of carbon footprint, and safety of consumers and workers.

Diversity design means not only identifying the national culture, but also respecting other national cultures in the creative process, learning from each other, seeking common ground while reserving differences, respecting the cultural diversity of the world, and jointly promoting the prosperity and progress of human civilization.

Transgender refers to a person who is psychologically unable to identify with his or her own gender and believes that he or she should belong to another gender. The designer's research on the true ecology of a group is also reflected in the various groups of people and lifestyles, reflecting the concern of the clothing and creativity.

The youth subculture reflects the marginalized youth group, which often adopts a subversive attitude towards the adult social order. This group of designers and students are young people, how to know fashion, and how to participate in the creation and interpretation of fashion.

March 31, 2019

31 MARCH, 2019

Jing'an 800 show

No.800, Changde Road, Shanghai

16:30 admission

17:00 officially started

Let’s take a look at the star show after four years of growth at SCF Academy.

How to interpret the focus of these frontiers


 1.Usage:Christmas Home Decroration,Christmas Tree Ornament


 2.Characteristic:Glittering And Transluent


 3.Material:High Boron Silicon Glass,Metal


4.Why We are The Best:Our material is eco-friendly,our goods have good quantity

Details Introduction:

       Carefully Made â€“ Flawless glass baubles, each perfectly formed with a small hanging loop. The metal clip can be easily removed so that the heart can then be filled with.


  • ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS TREE: Hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that orginated in the 1800s
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Ornaments are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations
  • GLISTENING CANDY COIL SNOWMAN ORNAMENT: Traditionally designed, hand-crafted ornaments

Product Display:

snow man

Glass Christmas Tree Topper Ornament

Glass Christmas Tree,Christmas Tree Ornament,Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments,Glass Christmas Tree Topper Ornament


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