Shang Ying - Decorative 28-45-year-old woman's unique bright future

Shang Ying - a fashion brand designed specifically for women, elegant but concise yet luxurious, highlighting the beauty of the details, the natural distribution of female elegance. Each season a variety of styles and rich colors, so that the pursuit of perfection of urban women in each different occasions, different moments reflect different fashion tastes.

Like the ancient European culture, Shang Ying has undergone a very long history of business. Its design team, together with many years of fashion work experience, from the crystal beauty of the famous LALIQUE in Europe, to obtain the spiritual perception and creative experience, like the blue light of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a touch of sunset in the woods as fine as breathing leaves, The nature of pure, with the most gentle mind, the most passionate fashion, intellectual creativity, admire elegance, love me, describe the pure lines in the pure, beautiful atmosphere from the simple details, stepping on the four seasons Rhythm, exquisite bloom and feminine, creating a women's "still shadow." For those who contain self-confidence and sophisticated fashion like Daren, business people, seek appropriate Chinese-owned, but also as fragrant as clove, so self-confident shiny, pet again sublimation, so that each posture melody into the breeze, decoration 28-45 year-old woman's unique bright future.



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