Seven wolves Zhou Shaoxiong: This year will not blindly expand

In the first half of 2009, which was tougher in the industry, Septwolves chairman Zhou Shaoxiong said: "The real era of brand competition has just begun." What Zhou Shaoxiong was most concerned with in 2009 was how to effectively carry out the changes in the past year and how Let the marketing network run healthily. Zhou Shaoxiong proposed seven wolves to lay a solid foundation to enhance management and service capabilities. This indicates that Septwolves has always been to strengthen the management of internal control upgrade. The future development will be triggered from the inside out, which is the new round of inward-looking sustainable growth driven by the corporate culture and management fundamentals. "Therefore, judging from the overall development of this year, although there may be some pressure, the growth rate of development may not be as fast and high as before, but this is a good opportunity for us to be more realistic and stronger. In the middle of the year, we will adjust the structure and improve the internal strength. "It is understood that seven wolves in 2009 are expected to open 15 life centers. So far, living museum strategy has been smooth progress. From the adjustment of relevant policies, Septwolves agents and distributors in the operation of living museum audit and more stringent, more concerned about the country's key cities, with a view to more practical and steady occupation of the market.

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