Seize the garment industry's last chance and offside youth wear together brilliant achievements in life

The same is the apparel industry, some people do impressive, well-organized. Some people are dismal management, holding the idea of ​​a gamble hit. Clothing quality, supply of goods, shop location, many of the details of the problem if you do not get it, a ring, it is easy to turn a minor problem into a big mistake. Investment shop can not rely on brute force, and has a shop management experience, improve the supply system, excellent quality clothing is offside youth brand, skin-friendly texture, fashion style, high cost to offside youth clothing store become Industry leader, is now recognized as the largest Chinese teenagers wear the first brand. According to the data from the fifth census of our country, there are 380 million people aged 5-16 in our country. Such a huge consumer group is the full blowout of the "children's economy." The actual purchasers of this group are all new-generation young parents who pursue quality. They focus on quality and become leaders and influencers of consumer spending in new markets. Keep up with fashion trends, personality advocates, and strive to emphasize their own and children's dress grade and fashion trends, and strive to children as outstanding as them, but also the pursuit of cost-effective clothing. The juvenile equipment, the industry has been recognized as the last piece of clothing industry "cake"! Since 2006, offside youth clothing to create China's first 7 to 14-year-old juvenile clothing brand since the offside juvenile is an investor in the eyes of the delicious "cake", so far in the country have opened more than 400 brand franchise stores. Off-year juvenile wear brand services 7 to 14-year-old juvenile friends, is committed to creating a fashion personality teenager boutique. Accompanied by the new generation of boys and girls healthy growth, happy life. Products covered clothing, shoes and accessories, to meet children's daily school, sports, travel gatherings and other occasions, dress needs. Offside juvenile loaded seven advantages, escort for the success of the shop. First, the price advantage: the supply channel directly to the Guangzhou offside youth headquarters, there is no any intermediate links, one-stop supply, lower than the industry price, the real cheap. Second, the market advantage: juvenile fashion consumer market now has billions of rich space, not to mention experts predict that there will be an annual increase of 10%, how not at heart? The average child now has 4 to 6 adults Do not worry about purchasing power. Third, the product advantages: offside youth equipment using the current fashion elements and patterns, each quarter launched hundreds of new explosions, series sex, with strong sex, style fashion beautiful, colorful patterns, designed for the new generation of urban boys and girls and design . At the same time the headquarters has more than 15,000 square meters of modern garment centers, the annual output up to millions. Fourth, the investment advantage: At present has opened more than 400 stores across the country, and at an alarming rate of expansion. No need to join the franchise fee, low threshold for entrepreneurship, less investment, small and medium investors can make a difference. V. Service Advantages: From the business district analysis, site selection, picking guidance, opening planning, opening assistance, business guidance, on-site training to support logistics systems, the Department of Supervision and Customer Service Department tracking nanny-based service! VI Marketing advantage: Offside Junior Guangzhou headquarters in-depth investigation, in line with the theme, set goals and effective deployment, the development of excellent planning programs, the introduction of efficient promotional activities. Seven, logistics advantages: a strong logistics and distribution system, advanced network platform; with many well-known express delivery companies, and even as far as Xinjiang, can receive the goods sent to headquarters the first time. Costume is one of the greatest needs of life, offside youth with the fashion nowadays the concept of integration and elements, Bingzhe "create value, you and me," the concept of joining the brand, is constantly leading the trend of the development of children's wear fashion. Clothing with heart, Yue move juvenile. Choose offside juvenile equipment, give yourself a chance to give young friends a happy pure innocence, but also your brilliant tomorrow.





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