Sefon Women's Maple Women's Winter 2013 New Picture Chong Feng Women's 2013 Winter New Products Manual

Sefon Women's Women's Winter 2013 new hot listing, Chen Feng winter coat with a short skirt is a good choice, and then a lovely hat to highlight the exquisite face, more pleasant.

Sefon Women's Women's Winter 2013 New Picture Women's Women's Women's Winter 2013 New Manual

For the first time in 2005, the European high-end clothing brand named after “Chen Feng” officially landed on the Chinese market.
Product Style: Inspired by 19th century classical art, it gives a deep French temperament. The elegance is a little noble, the softness is a bit mild, the formal ones are gorgeous, you can go to work, you can negotiate, you can also wear a date...
The style emphasizes the combination of tailoring and perfect profile, starting from refined details, incorporating more personalized elements, and expressing the elegant and noble image of the modern female director or professional elite.
Using precious fine fabrics such as wool, leather, brocade, silk, and other feminine decorative techniques such as embroidering, beading, and hot drilling, noble velvets and furs are applied in an ultra-realistic and mysterious manner.
The aristocratic finish, the use of prints and slouchy designs are feminine and feminine.
The colors are based on classic colors such as black and white ash apricot, and rich colors such as pink violet are added to the noble and classic elements. Between the woman's gestures, the atmosphere of mystery and modernity is radiated gently, and the gentleness is brought out again.
Implicit feelings, this may be the strongest sound of elegance, so imaginative high fashion, will certainly give consumers endless dress inspiration.
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