Red accessories with simple fashion effects

Ben February 7 hearing, Mr. Christian Dior once said: Red is the color of life; and the king of the red flourish of red-soled shoes of Mr. Christian Louboutin even said: Red has the breathtaking magic. Such an energy-filled color, if it is not found in the closet, will actually lose a lot of fun. However, fear of a large area of ​​red will lead to dangerous, warning, bloody associations, etc. Reduce the area, start with the accessories, and learn how to get along well with this distinctive color.


Bags are definitely the focus of today's fashion. Although bags do not have much effect on slimming, they are a key role in shaping the image. Most people in the selection of bags, most of them only care about whether the quality of leather and storage function is good or bad, but if properly selected, bags are actually the best weapon to attract attention.


Unlike the bag, because of the color of the relationship, the red shoes always give a sexy symbol (except for the round-toed flats, the red round-toed flats have a naughty sweet atmosphere), so the red shoes, It is not very suitable to wear in the general workplace, but for the styling of makeup and other occasions, red shoes are a good choice, with ordinary jeans is very bright, especially the pointed leather red shoes, It is easy to attend or attend a banquet, but it is easy to deal with it. However, when choosing red high-heeled shoes, pay special attention to the glossiness of the leather. The shiny and shiny patent leather is easy to give a cheesy and cheap feeling. It is recommended to choose the surface to have crocodile skin and snakeskin texture. , Or metal decorative style, stable and can highlight the taste.


The red socks may seem bold and feel unsuitable for those with muscular legs. However, burgundy tights are better than imagined. In addition to being worn on formal occasions, burgundy is light gray and black. Apricot, white wool, tweed, leather and other materials are quite elegant and temperament, the degree of interest in the shape is more than black and skin socks. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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