Put on pants and shoes for a cool summer

Summer is the season of dresses, but the trend of popularity in these two seasons has become increasingly fierce. Whether it is hot pants, work pants, pencil pants, wide-leg pants, or jumpsuits, five-point pants, cropped pants, In this season, the "trousers" are often staged in the summer, and there is an equal trend with the skirts.

Do not think that trousers is a neutral performance, do not think that pants, especially shorts or narrow feet, the most likely to expose the shortcomings of the body, in fact, this season's trousers cut, diversified materials, style, color beautiful fashion, as long as with Properly, not only can cover up the shortcomings of your body, but also make you charming in summer.

Wild 1: hot to in law

Fit for body: tall

The girl with tall figure has a natural clothes hanger. Of course, she must challenge the most in shorts that most people don’t dare to wear, or the wide-open-leg pants, and boldly match the most fashionable sexy girl of this summer.

●Fashion Girl: Chilly hot pants + see-through top + Chiffon Flats

Chromics applied to shorts is very easy to focus people's attention in the legs, is a taboo for short legs, but it is a perfect match for women with beautiful legs. If you want to match exotic girls, you can choose to print printed patterns.

●Strong outline: wide leg pants + loose tops + belts + heels with high heels

High-waisted wide-leg pants are one of the classic fashion symbols for this season's hippie range. However, keep in mind that the bottoms are loose and the tops must be worn.

● cute and pretty baby: white five tight pants + printing doll shirt + fruit high heels

Thick waisted girls can focus on choosing popular babydolls this summer, but this season's baby-shirt colors are more colorful, most of them are printed, and the matching method is different from the past. The shorter the proportion of shorts exposed, the higher the effect of heightening.


1. The narrow width is the most common collocation method. If the bottoms are loose trousers, the tops are preferably tights or small vests; the tops are chaste, and the bottoms are best light colored.

2. As long as your calf is not very thick, fine high-heeled shoes with shorts generally do not go wrong, suitable for rough high-heeled shoes.

Joker 2: Reduce Color Difference Method

Fit for body: Petite

Small hot pants are the preferred style for petite and exquisite girls this summer, but you should try to avoid chromatic aberration in the clothing mix - the color difference between the upper and lower body clothes and the color difference between the clothing and the skin color will produce a horizontal dividing line on your body, making you look shorter .

● handsome boy: H-type curling hot pants + tight vest + color jacket + fine with high heels

The H-type gusset shorts, which are simple in style and do not have much decoration, can make the legs look more slender. Up and down the same as the short style, with the bottom and waist line jacket, can make up for short stature.

● Korean actress: jeans pants + strap chiffon shirt + high heels

This season, Korean washed jeans are very popular. The tight jeans rolled up above the knee, with a light stacked cajon shirt, not only stretched the upper and lower body ratio, but also ignore the overall feeling of petite and delicate, suitable for mix and match fashion models high heels.


1. Want to create a harmonious coordination of the whole body, it is recommended that the accessories chosen by the petite girl should not be too heavy or too heavy, otherwise it will depress the figure.

2. Petite upper-blooded schoolgirls, be cautious about short-sleeved jackets, especially waist length jackets, or you will exaggerate your horizontal ratio.

Joker 3: Transfer focus method

Fit for body: short leg length

Short legs, body size is not very perfect MM, short jacket and high heels can be used to create a perfect slender proportion. In addition, girls with thick thighs or legs have to strictly control the length ratio of shorts and legs. Most girls only have thicker thighs and can choose shorts that cover just 0.5-1 cm below the thickest thighs. If the thighs are thick, small hot pants with black stockings are a good way to shrink the visual.

● Princess princess: Lantern shorts + bubble sleeve tight body

The trousers look like a "replica" of wide leg pants, but the waist and hips are designed to fit better. If you're skinny and you don't have a good body ratio, try Lantern Shorts with a tight fit, especially with puff sleeves.

● sexy black beauty: black wide-leg pants + black stockings + bright high-heeled shoes

Black has a slimming effect. If your thighs and calves are thick and you want to wear shorts, then choose a black stocking with a tightening effect and black wide leg pants, not only stylish, but also your double The legs look a lot thinner.


1. Colorful socks are popular this summer. Choosing color socks with high saturation will make them look smaller.

2. The best choice for some bloomers is embellishment. There are folds on the proportions and the length is best just over the knee.

Joker 4: Stylish OL Method

Suitable for: Women in the workplace

Shorts into the office is not stable or not legitimate? In fact, this is a premature thinking. In this summer, the office has created an ultra-short action to get rid of the past with a small dress with black trousers and high-heels old-fashioned dress, shorts, short skirts, short jackets all into the office.

● charming and strong: black pants + white small single West + Chromic T-shirt + high heels

Conveniently cut short suits with straight shorts above the knees, tight on the loose, letting the whole feel slender and slender, elongated in proportion to the figure, and looking for embellishment with a bright T-shirt, revealing in the hot and dignified. However, it should be noted that not the higher the heel, the more leg-thin, 5 to 8 cm high heels is more ideal.


1. Can be used with colorful accessories, or with a bright T-shirt in the suit to increase the look and feel.

2. Remember to put on high heels or wedge shoes, otherwise it is suspected of "manly woman."

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