Pickup bubble children's heart with great love given to the baby and parents

Baby like an elf falling into the earth, they are like angel innocent, lovely, naughty, happy and brave, happily happily, when sad will cry, they like beautiful clothes, like the fun toys , Like to make friends, like to play, like nature ... ... they are in love and care of parents, to explore the colorful world, thrive. Pickup bubble, a was given the simple and happy baby brand, is committed to the healthy growth of the baby, restore the baby's true and happy, build a safe baby's life castle. Brand highlight the baby's real fun, product fit baby's health characteristics and parents' consumption needs, pickup every step of the bubble, every day, are in love to give love to the baby and parents. Brand positioning 80-90 post-fashion consumer groups from the children's clothing trends at home and abroad accurate control, combined with brand culture and design experience, creative ideas. Different product styles and structures to meet 80-90 parents fast-paced lifestyle, changing fashion elements, different aesthetic taste and the beginning of the parent's excitement and sensitive psychological needs.

Keychain For Kids

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