Pathfinder join hands with Wang Feng to interpret "brave heart"

On October 24th, TOREAD Pathfinder, a leading brand of Chinese outdoor sports equipment, joined hands with Wang Feng, a brand new image spokesperson, to release Pathfinder's new brand slogan “Pathfinder's Brave Heart” at Pathfinder’s corporate headquarters.

This great combination created the first cross-border combination of leading outdoor brands and rock music superstars, and also marked the Pathfinder's entry into a brand new era.

On the scene of the media sharing conference, Wang Feng, who had just participated in the “China Good Voice” program celebration, passionately explained his understanding of the word “courage” and highly expected this far-reaching cooperation with leading outdoor brand explorers. Wang Feng said: “The brave heart is the best explanation for our own pursuit of the music and the Pathfinder brand. Our spiritual philosophy coincides with one another. To be brave, to be closer to the dream. Hope and Pathfinder The brand is a brave explorer."

As the "pathfinder" of the Chinese rock music scene, Wang Feng has always insisted on the dream of rock music, interpreting life perceptions with poetic notes, shouting the purity and meaning of life, and giving people strength and life encouragement through deep thinking.

In his music, we can feel the exuberance of life in the spring, feel the freedom and brave existence, feel the persistence of faith and the most true self, which perfectly matches the pathfinder brand spirit and interpret the path to exploration. The essence of the brand spirit. The song "Braveheart" is a good interpretation of Wang Feng's character and music path. It is also a perfect interpretation of the Pathfinder brand's vision for the future and the courage to explore the path.

At the conference, Wang Feng presented the “Braveheart” lyrics manuscript to Mr. Sheng Faqiang, Chairman of Pathfinder, and received a special gift from the Pathfinder—the “Pathfinder” with historical significance of the Pathfinder brand. The Alpine Snowy Tent, which was once accompanied by the Pathfinder brand co-founder and the famous mountaineer Ms. Wang Jing, climbed Mount Everest in 2010. In 2012, Ms. Wang Jing and mountaineer Russell and their world were accompanied by the tent. The top alpine adventure team Himalayan Experience climbs to Makalu. The exchange of lyrics manuscripts and snow-covered tents also implies that Wang Feng and the Pathfinder brand are joining hands together to embark on a brave journey.

“I really like the equipment provided by Pathfinder for me. These products reflect a reliable scientific and technological strength. The spirit of the Pathfinder will inspire me to continue my musical journey.” Wang Feng said in an interview, “Keep your own Dreams, no matter how much resistance, courageously move forward. With a brave heart, you have the courage to move forward!"

The release of the new brand slogan of "Pathfinder's brave heart" and the official launch of cooperation with Wang Feng mark the new era of Pathfinder's brand upgrade. At the same time, the “Courageous Responsiveness” network activity initiated by the Pathfinder brand also kicked off. The event aims to respond to the Pathfinder’s “brave heart” by sharing the feelings and sentiments of many outdoor enthusiasts on the road. The spirit of the brand, together with Pathfinder and Wang Feng, went on a brave trip together and shouted loudly for a splendid life.

Whether it is an outdoor challenge or the path of one's own life, let us join the Pathfinder in advocating a brave heart. Walk with the Pathfinder and take the step that you have never dared to take with your “brave heart”!

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