Oran Si Di women show elegant, pure, beautiful style

OrangeD'or Orlandisi, an international fashion brand from France, adheres to the elegance and romance of France and is designed with the characteristics of Chinese women. Located in 28 - 38 urban women in the age group, affordable.

奥兰•丝迪女装 展现出优雅、纯真、唯美的格调

Oran Si Di color to product integration of the bond, in the classic elegant femininity based on the coexistence of multiple design styles. Designer Delicate urban women desire romance, nostalgia pure soul state, the pursuit of simplicity and fashion design resonance, showing elegant, pure, beautiful style.

奥兰•丝迪女装 展现出优雅、纯真、唯美的格调

奥兰•丝迪女装 展现出优雅、纯真、唯美的格调


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