Only Ji Chen VIRGIECHAN autumn and winter fur interpretation of low-key luxury

Milan fashion, Roman customs, Florence (Florence) solemn, Venetian elegance, which is VIRGIECHAN women. The features of the world famous city interpret the shining fragments that a woman's glass heart should have; enjoy the love story that VIRGIECHAN women are dreaming about Italy.


VIRGIECHAN clothing combined with the essence of realism, to bring consumers value for money shopping enjoyment. Focus on high-quality hand-made details, combined with vertical parallel cut, so that more elegant, comfortable, full of curves, reflecting the clothing instead of wearing clothing, introverted, beautiful unique feeling.


2012 autumn and winter, VIRGIECHAN fur series interpretation of casual elegance, low-key luxury, followed by fashion trends, by the love of exquisite, pay attention to style, independent self-urban white-collar women are favored.

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