Old underwear you still wear it quickly throw it


Still wearing underwear ? Saving money is the performance of Gu family, but do not spoil yourself, the old underwear quickly thrown it.

Old underwear what harm?

1, let the body aging

Women's body is changing at any time, especially the chest, it is easy to change with the physiological changes and weight changes, once the weight loss, the bust is the most shrinking place. In addition, with the body aging, bought underwear a few years ago may not be suitable for the body now, barely wearing only to the body cause discomfort or even pain.

2, susceptible to breast disease

Deformation of the old underwear, resulting in improper bra wear, easy to make breast deformation, and even breast disease.

3, body deformation

With age, weight changes, body curves will change. When underwear is not suitable, if not pay attention to wear, will lead to body deformation.

How to know underwear to change?

1, find a flat place to spread the bra well.

2, if the brassiere part of the ferrule to leave the plane up, then the iron circle has been distorted, this bra should be discarded, to buy a new bra.

3, no matter how short shoulder straps are still loose, indicating a sign of aging bra, poor quality.

4, underwear elastic whether the loss of elasticity, the edge of each thread appears, whether it looks bleaching, if yes, then underwear needs to be replaced.

How to care for underwear?

1, hand wash: Hold the two cups in the hand when gently rubbing the rim of the chicken heart, the bowl side and a fishbone bone can be cleaned with a soft brush.

2, washing machine wash: on a dedicated laundry bag, do not soak for a long time, you can add the appropriate softener, so as not to reduce the service life.

3, drying: underwear will clip grip waist, do not use the hanger at the waist, so as not to deform. Bra to the cup and the middle of the cup to hang up, avoid hanging on the shoulder strap, because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.

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