Novices must learn: How to improve customer loyalty?

[] Description: In today's fierce market competition, having a stable customer base has become a more important resource for enterprises. Whoever has a customer can win the market and who can win profits. The 28th rule tells us how important loyal customers are. I have also talked about this topic with many companies, and companies believe that current customers are generally not loyal.

In fact, this is very common. For the loss of loyal customers, our company must first face it calmly, because this is an inevitable outcome of the development of the market economy, so enterprises must be mindful. You can't expect your customers to be "loyal to you" from the establishment of your company to the closure. Since the development of the company requires continuous development of new products, why can't customers choose more and experience different products? I think companies must learn to give up and fight for self-adjustment. In the past, a product faced hundreds of customers, customers were afraid that the product was not enough, there was no other choice, only loyalty; now, 100 customers face thousands of products, change one day, one month will not repeat, then It is normal to try new products; in the future, it may happen that thousands of merchants customize products for a customer, and then customers choose the loyalty of the business.

Regardless, the number of loyal customers is as much as possible for each company. This market law is a process in which both parties grow and advance in the process of advancing with the times and achieve a good economic chain. What I must point out here is that cultivating loyal customers is a relative concept. Enterprises can stabilize customer long-term through customer relationship management through a series of means. The core level can be summarized in three words: emotion, reason, and law.

Love - feelings and truth
For the maintenance of loyal customers, the first thing is to use feelings. It seems that all enterprises know, but how do you express your feelings? It is undoubted that the customer's interaction with you is based on the product, once it is separated from the product. Even if you become a good friend with customers, it is useless. Customers are neither God nor family members. The relationship between merchants and customers can only be a friend relationship. Then friends are equal, friendly, cooperative and reciprocal. Therefore, the premise of getting along with all customers, including loyal customers, is to be friends with customers. To do this, we need to:

1, sincere

Attitude is based on the former elements, we must put our minds right, and the interaction with customers is a dynamic process. There are things that come and go. "If you don't want to do anything, don't give people." Sincerity is a must. It is also important to prepare for attitudes. It is necessary to work hard to develop a habit of developing a friendly smile when it is often used to communicate with customers.

A salesperson must first establish a concept that is to fully understand the customer's purchasing psychology. Only in this way can the target be achieved in the sales process and achieve "AIDA" in a short period of time, that is, Attention and interest (Interest) ), stimulating desire (Desire), promoting action (Action).

2. Keep communication channels open and convenient

Communication with customers must be smooth and honest. If you call a customer, you will be concerned, thank you, and give instead of asking. If some response to the customer requires access to information (such as product price, product characteristics, related policies, last time the customer's purchase record, etc.), then you must not let the customer wait too long on the phone, so the information must be Keep it at hand so that it can be removed immediately when it is needed, and the variety of information prepared at hand should be as comprehensive as possible.

"Ditch" is the means, "pass" is the purpose, two-way communication is the main way of talking.

Management - methods and techniques <br> <br> when telephone communication, customers may want to frequently asked questions to help make a work table, a customer asked these questions, you may be able to answer quickly review at any time.

One of the information that marketers need is the contact number of the relevant personnel, especially the contact number of the colleague, because if the customer asks you a question that is not very clear, you can immediately ask the technical staff of the colleague to help answer the customer and form a three-way call. . For example, if the customer is willing to buy, you can contact the delivery person immediately and deliver the product to the door in time.

Customer loyalty can only last forever based on mutual trust with the company. At this point, we have to anticipate the needs of our customers. In fact, no company's products can fully meet the needs of each customer, so when customers buy products, this often happens: Company A's products can meet one of his needs, and Company B's products can satisfy him. A need. If you don't know which of the customer's needs is important to him, you can't guide the customer to choose your product, so be sure to have a complete understanding of the customer's needs. Marketers must not only know what the customer's needs are, but also know why the customer has such a need and what problem he wants to solve. If the customer's needs are viewed as an iceberg model, then the customer's apparent demand on the surface is the surface of the iceberg, and the larger part below it is invisible. If you don't take the initiative to dig, you don't know why the customer has such a demand, and where is his driving force, so you must try your best to tap the driver's driving force.

So, which kind of demand is more important to the customer? We must first clearly distinguish the difference from the recommended product. Introducing the product is the product as the communication center, highlighting how the product is good and how advanced; recommending the product means understanding the customer in the communication conversation, first understanding the potential needs of the customer, then gradually guiding the customer and letting the customer express one A clear need, then introduce the product, so the possibility of customer acceptance will be very large, because customers feel that this product is more helpful to themselves. Therefore, we must introduce the products according to the needs of customers and provide personalized services.

Law - System and Game Rules 1. Special treatment for customers
The company will develop a number of membership systems, and the only purpose is to let customers continue to feel respected. At present, some companies use gold and silver cards to give preferential treatment to those loyal customers, which can be said to be a good method. Marketers must also set up different communication environments when communicating. When you follow up with customers, you must have different methods and means. You can't talk about the same content every time you call. In addition to telephone communication, there are many other follow-up methods, such as door, email, fax, letter, etc. Marketers need to approach customers in different ways, and must make customers feel that you really care about him. There are various reasons for communicating, such as holiday greetings, birthday wishes, weather concerns, promotions and health information gifts.

2, solve problems efficiently and quickly

In the customer maintenance process, the customer can not be without problems, and once the problem occurs, it must be resolved in time. The company must have a sound notification and processing process within the company. The company must properly handle the incident and give the customer an attitude to restore the truth of the problem. In this way, customers can become loyal customers of the company, and they can truly recognize the company's culture and product value.

We can regard this dimension as a long-lasting game, and everyone must abide by the principles of transparency and fairness. Customers can continue to increase their confidence through the company's handling of issues or recommendations. Because the brand value of a product will diminish over time, and successful companies can see this, they will continue to deepen the confidence of loyal customers, and reduce the possibility of customer loss.

Of course, for the maintenance and cultivation of loyal customers, it is necessary to establish a systematic after-sales management system, which is the fundamental measure of enterprise development.

After doing this for a long time, you have figured out how to improve customer loyalty is not difficult, just vote for it. Everyone has an old love complex. As long as the customer feels good and often feels good, then you are successful!

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