No T generation brought love to attack the most fashionable Masha Masuo t series

2012, a year that symbolizes destruction and hope. This year, we will face the end of YAMA's prophetic time, if the legend is true, you will hide the true self? Can you allow yourself to be mediocre and idle? In recent years, due to global warming and natural disasters, many lives have lost their right to breathe. Naturally, in revolt, remind even warn. The butterfly effect tells us that a bad little mechanism, if not properly guided and regulated in a timely manner, will bring great harm to society. It is nicknamed "tornado" or "storm." A tiny mechanism, so long as it is properly guided, After a period of hard work, there will be a sensation, or "revolution." No T generation turned out to be the T series of Masa Maruo Link Masa and Vivian co-create the tide. In the name of "love," it appeals to you, myself and he in the community, throws aside disputes of interests, treats ourselves with the most primitive instincts - love, treats relatives and friends, treats this increasingly indifferent society and no longer harmonious The natural environment. Small plot of love for love, with love to repair the scarred earth, intentions to care for each has been owned. How long, you do not see the clear blue sky and white clouds. How long, the night sky only see through the haze. You startled by all kinds of news reports, begin to doubt yourself, and even begin to doubt life. No T generation to bring love to attack, 69 love T-shirt, the first to shout out love, calling you a unique you, your love is irreplaceable. "Protecting that naivety keeps those innocent eyes that do not let the adult world pierce the child's eyes" The child is the parent's heart. Perhaps you can ignore the outside world's opinion, but you can not tolerate it, except in the eyes of children's fear and loss. Be a good role model for children to create a pure and beautiful world. This is something that T-No. Designers want to convey, using love as the strongest fortress for the next generation. A lot of fragile only because of a less hug, alone, try the well-being of the world. Life, many tragedies occur, often because they do not get a goodwill look, an encouraging hug, and even a cheer gesture. TTE @ TEE can not be convened is to convey that even a hug, enough to crush all the fragile, instantly feel the beauty of love and hope. You and I are all the angel wings to hug each other to take off Are you accustomed to hurt licking the wound alone? Good thoughts, love and care, let you regain confidence, brave take off. No T generation @ TEE - love wings, wings for every angel, plug in the wings of love, pass love, let the sky of freedom full of love sunshine. Every one of you, @TEE will have their own interpretation, every one of you will be in the era of non-T, to find their own @ TEE. In the summer of 2012, let the heart be completely released, use the most vivid love from the heart to see the world and build the society with the most powerful love in the heart! With the most real self, embark on an adventurous @TEE journey. Whether working in the struggle, love or family responsibility, fall in love with one such - love out, love spread out! No T Generation Introduction: "No Generation T" @TEE is a Tide series launched by Masamaso's Link Masa and Vivian brands. To love the theme of transmission, for you to create a pleasant trip, so that you fall in love with oneself, but also more relaxed and happy to love each and every one of them. Whether on the road to struggle, on the road to love, or on the responsibility of family, to release the real self, young people should "love such a self!"

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