No. 1 warehouse cowboy leader: sway wisdom in pursuit of excellence

After the financial crisis whistled, leaving a mess of children, we have no choice but to enter the post-crisis era. The high prices, the rapid rise in prices and other environmental life people began to reflect on the blind pursuit of luxury high spending, easily thousands of clothing is really affordable, is it really necessary to spend. Perhaps after reflection, perhaps under the high pressure of life inevitably, more people turn their attention to the low-end consumer. However, their demand for quality of life is also the same, but they hope to obtain it at a lower cost. This has led to the development of cheap products by merchants, and parity consumption has quickly become the mainstream of mass consumption. After the crazy big brand effect, consumption gradually becomes more rational. So really insight into the market opportunities for enterprises to start looking for a new way out, began in the "cheap" on a big fuss, one of the most representative is the No. 1 warehouse jeans, consumers in a cry, No. 1 warehouse The first to introduce the concept of 38 yuan jeans, once put into the market, it will be 38 yuan price, 238 yuan in the quality of the market has aroused great repercussions in the 6 successful outlets under the inspiration of more than 400 franchise stores are also The rapid establishment of the country, and now, whether it is directly managed stores or franchisees, are working together with the company to write the No.1 warehouse jeans brilliant. The success of No. 1 warehouse jeans 【Website: 】 so many people have a strong interest in the person in charge, what is a talented person to start a No. 1 warehouse jeans, and what kind of quality Achieved No. 1 warehouse jeans quickly became popular. After making an appointment with the relevant personnel, the reporter saw the six leaders of the six outlets, more than 400 franchisees and the production plant's leader Liu, and from this year-old woman who knows how to race against time, we see 1 No. warehouse to express the design concept, the low profile is not simple, personality and not publicity, rich experience full story is approachable, but also saw the tough qualities of a successful business people, as well as the No. 1 warehouse jeans business, the continued development of hope, Her "business, a small victory with wisdom, victory by virtue," let us admire her attitude on the 1st warehouse let us impressed. She led the business for each employee responsible for their happy growth in the business; responsible for every consumer, so that they become more confident because of joining the warehouse jeans No. 1; responsible for each of the dealers and agents, Let them harvest fortune big business. For the No. 1 warehouse jeans 【Tel:】, the success of 2011 and before no longer be copied, the financial crisis did not collapse of the strong woman, but also in 2012 in the pursuit of excellence on the road How to create a miracle, let us wait and see! For more information, please visit www. or call.

It`s a new style of Curtain Fabric which our designer`s explored in the middle of 2015. We use polyester twisted yarn in this fabric, which makes it has a better drapes than our regular fabric. Once it comes out, it is quickly be popular with our Euro and American customers, this style of fabric could be used for window curtains and also shower curtains. 

Polyester Shower Curtain WZQ180

New Modern Jacquard European Type Window Curtain Fabric WZQ179

Modern Pattern Curtain WZQ178

Classic Curtain

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