National style VS upstart temperament, DICKIES winter knit interpretation warm style

The autumn mood is getting stronger, and the wave of the new wave of dressup is set off in the trend circle. Knit sweater as one of the main trends in the fall and winter trends, the brands have begun to gear up their own masterpiece. The United States tooling big DICKIES, with 90 years of clothing quality combined with unique tooling design concept, launched the 2012 winter knit series to express their own fashion attitude, warm and comfortable and no lack of trend style.

Men's Cardigan Sweater

Elegant and low-key colors reveal the elegant appearance of the gentleman, and the fashionable design is also worthy of recommendation. The striking color and the cuff design highlight the novelty and uniqueness of this collection, conveying the exquisite elegance and heart of the upstart family from the details.

(Men's Sweater,Â¥699RMB)

Men's Jacquard Pullover

The design of the national wind at the collar is the brightest mark of this series. High-quality wool fabrics make this sweater feel warm, delicate and comfortable. Whether you wear it alone or inside, you can maintain a trendy style in winter!

(Men's Jacquard Sweater,Â¥699RMB)

Ladies Jacquard Sweater

Women's cardigan sweaters have also adopted the pattern of national wind elements in recent years. The full-fledged Fair Isle Jacquard is even more unique in its design. The nostalgic tribal style is thought-provoking and complements the retro and modern senses.

(Ms. Jacquard Sweater, ¥699RMB)

Women's Jacquard Pullover

The women's pullovers feature navy blue and neutral feather gray. The cool colors create a low-key and gorgeous temperament. Extremely sophisticated color collisions and pattern arrangement make this sweater interesting, and the details of DICKIES's international quality are reflected.

(Ms. Jacquard Pullover, ¥699RMB)

In addition, DICKIES also prepared various accessories for the hipsters to deal with cold air. The scarf is also inspired by the radiant jacquard of Fair Isle. It brings fresh colors to the boring winter, allowing you to play the cold and air while enjoying the cool winter.

DICKIES has been aiming to produce high-quality uniforms since its inception in 1922. Its 90 years of experience in professional clothing has made it an invaluable tool for American clothing culture. More and more surf and skateboard stars, major musicians, celebrities and new generation fashion icons have embraced the DICKIES brand. DICKIES has always been adhering to products with excellent functionality, superior quality, and reasonable price. It has become a lifestyle brand with its durable, comfortable and iconic appearance. It has become a symbol of American spirit and has won generations of young people. Love and support, and has a wide range of recognition around the world, currently sold in 50 states and 106 countries worldwide.

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