Move the love of fashion children's clothing to children's childhood full of colors

Every child will be entrusted with the parent's childhood dreams have been completed, I think big dream there should be a corner that is able to wear beautiful clothes. In the season of love will think, after the child will be a boy or a girl, if it is a girl, he would dress her as a princess; if it is a boy. . . . . . . Speaking of similar topics between girlfriends, between lovers will also be mentioned. The passage of time you will not remember that time their own joke it? Love the advent of children's clothing, so that children's childhood full of surprises, but also help you young "joke" into reality. According to relevant statistics, since 2000, China's baby industry has witnessed a growth rate of 30%. China has become the second largest consumer of baby products after the United States and is expected to reach the "trillion club" by 2010. In this baby industry, children's clothing will occupy an important share. The children's clothing market is booming thanks to another baby boom. National Bureau of Statistics data show that China currently up to 380 million children 0-16 years old. Analysis of the industry: "The domestic consumption of children's clothing is on the rise in recent years, the growth rate has maintained an alarming rate, and the market is far from entering the saturation period, that is, the adult clothing market, the demand for children's clothing will be even greater. "Wife, mother of people you usually have to take care of the family life. You always want to give children a beautiful childhood, take him to the playground, KFC and so on some places, but most concerned about is wearing clothes in the body is beautiful, is free and easy. After the wedding of the climax of 80, most choose as long as a child, one of the characteristics of the 80 is 'tide', are the trend of the times parents, how can we bear to own children behind ... ... in such a market , Moving the love of children's clothing was born. Consumers' perceptions, concerns of market operators, moving children's wear are all well thought out. Fashionable love of children's clothing will regularly launch a series of activities, a variety of promotional activities so that you will see the heart, the toys are every child clamoring to buy toys, here can be for free to you; will also be implemented Membership, after reaching a certain point there will be gifts or discounts, an endless stream of promotional activities for consumers happy shopping, operators happily make money. However, the focus or move the love of children's new style and affordable price in the fashion industry, which is a necessary prerequisite for survival. Casual style, sports style, fashion style these vibrant costumes in children's childhood draw a heavy sum, so that they will never forget, this is what parents want most. As a children's clothing store, the love of children's clothing has long been insight into potential business opportunities to seize the market, compared with other children's clothing brand, moving love children's clothing has been far ahead, it appears so many children's childhood full of colors. Are you an influx of people? As long as you are, choose to move the love of children's clothing will not be wrong!

This type of fabric had been in the market for many years, but our designer had improved and explored many new designs, now it has nearly 20 different designs, each designs contains 6-8 colors.

Its advantage is: It seems like Linen fabric, but in fact, it is 100% polyester fabric, which the fabriccost is much more lower than real linen fabric. Also, this is a piece dyed fabric, with the function of cationic yarn, when fabric be dyed, it could come out 2 different colors.

European Pattern polyester curtain fabric 6020#

American Popular Linen Touching Polyester Curtain Fabric WZQ172 Grey

Yarn dyed curtain fabric in trend WZQ258

Linen Curtain

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