Morris brand underwear so that every woman can find their own "it"

Suitable is the best! Like the selection of underwear as her husband, we must carefully selected to find their own one. Morris brand lingerie focus on fashion, comfort, hired Europe and China's top designers designed for Chinese women and European fashion and the characteristics of Chinese women's styles, so that every woman can find their own here, "it."


Deep and elegant black is wearing a dress, to attend some of the necessary color banquet, shoulder strap and hanging neck dual-use method can be arbitrarily disassembled and combined according to their own needs, the design of the side of the armpit surrounded by the effective integration of milk, shaping Full plump chest curve.

摩丽斯品牌内衣  让每位女性都能找到属于自己的“它”

Sexy black reveals a little mysterious peacock blue, looming: deep V cup gathers better results, showing the most beautiful lines, increase the ear ear to the chest to pull up, long-term wear helps to prevent sagging, deformation.

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