Miki grand debut 2012CHIC delivery men's fashion

March 26 - 29, 2012 China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (hereinafter referred to 2012CHIC) grand opening. As a representative of the outstanding men's brand in the country, Wu Mu made the heavy attack and set up a 300-square-meter booth in the E1 Hall and launched a wonderful fashion show to let everyone enjoy the feast for the visual gluttonous feast. The exhibition fashion show, five wood group theme of "passing fashion", designed to understand life, quality of elegant men to create a wonderful life for the Chinese fashion industry to bring a new inspiration. The theme of the main focus on clothing with the overall mix, focusing on a strong style of a single set of products to the way to develop, pay attention to simple, color gray, black, navy blue-based. The new season's five wood men's series presents a natural and gorgeous, elegant and delicate image of the gentleman, through the beautiful version of clothing art, so that contemporary urban men have a distinctive fashion trends. Five wooden clothing process sophisticated, smooth lines, solid dyeing stable, comfortable, not easy to deformation, dedication for people of all walks of life to develop more personal charm of the fashion space, to show themselves and show their lives. Also reflects the designers and the wearer's positive attitude to life. Five wooden products since its inception, has been recognized by the majority of successful people, establish a good brand image, so far. Strict selection of raw materials, advanced production equipment, coupled with superb level of technology so that the five wooden clothing brand increasingly perfect. Its version, equipment, technology in the industry are in the advanced level. To participate in 2012CHIC, five wooden another purpose is to begin to create their own joining agent market. Five wood in the continuous development of more than 10 years formed by the strong brand, a strong marketing network and the overall combination of business management team is a solid foundation for the development of five wood. In the past ten years, five wood has been doing direct sales stores, the country has more than 110, covering all provinces and cities in China, and in the next few years, the company plans to market, need more stores to expand power, simple Earning money is not the purpose of five wood, so reassure agents, is the key. Five wooden slogan is "you invest, I manage." The core policy is to join zero stocks so that franchisees have a guaranteed return on the bottom line, for each agent franchisee, the company will send a professional manager, unified management, unified image, the maximum degree of protection of the interests of joining agents. Five wooden companies always uphold the gentleman's rigorous, serious and blend of science, make it full of subtle luxury, while remaining fashionable without losing stability. Wumu Men has become the influential men's brand in China for five consecutive years in Beijing billion shopping malls ranked first in sales, and access to China Famous Brand, Beijing famous brand, Beijing Top Ten selling brand, Beijing fashion brand Title, is leading the new trend of men's clothing in China, for the Chinese men to bring a new dress style. Five wood in the past, now and in the future are a positive team, Sunshine Enterprise, Wu Mu tomorrow will be even more brilliant.


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