Menstrual joint pain can ease with high heels

“No one helped me to bring my children, so I haven’t finished the month and I’ve taken care of my own children. I also have to do housework, wash clothes, and wash my diapers. Now that the child is almost two years old, I always feel finger joints before and after menstruation. With knee pain, did I have arthritis?” Last weekend, a woman named Yang asked the reporter on the phone. The reporter consulted Hu Mengcai, the person in charge of the post-natal rehabilitation center of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. "If the knee pain is worse when you walk, it will be less after you rest." Hu Mengcai said that some women will have joint pain within one to two weeks before and after the menstrual period, especially in the most common knee pain, when walking Pain increases, but pain decreases after a few breaks. Some people also feel local swelling of the knee, and these symptoms disappear after menstruation. "These symptoms look like arthritis, in fact, is a physiological reaction unique to women during menstruation, do not have to worry too much." Hu Mengcai introduced menstrual joint pain, mainly related to menstrual water and salt metabolism disorders. Before the onset of menstruation, women's hormone levels fluctuate more. At this time, the secretion of estrogen and aldosterone is not coordinated, resulting in the retention of water and salt in the body. When too much water and salt accumulate in the body tissue, the whole body will appear. Different parts of the edema, the most obvious part of the face, hands, feet and other parts. There is a triangular gap in the human knee joint, which is filled with adipose tissue (infrapatellar fat pad). It plays an important role in the function of the joint. During menstruation, water and salt retention causes the fat pad to swell and then compress the nerve endings. Therefore, there is Women experience knee pain during menstruation.

Hu Mengcai then said: "Menstrual arthritis is not arthritis, and can be controlled." Women should pay attention to work and rest in peacetime, before and after menstruation should ensure adequate sleep, to avoid excessive stress and mood swings, diet choices light, Nutritious and digestible foods are good, and avoid walking or strenuous exercise. Because high-heeled shoes can make people's center of gravity forward and reduce the pressure on the fat pad, it helps relieve pain. Therefore, putting on high-heeled shoes can relieve joint pain. "If the joints are painful and accompanied by systemic edema, it may not be the pain of menstrual joints, and you should seek medical advice promptly." Hu Mengcai reminded.

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