Maturity is not significant with old style Royal Fan children out

Compared to pure and shy Lolita, elegant and mature Royal Sisters more intriguing style. Mention of mature women, people think of black silk with small high, sexy hot body, tender lips and so on. However, such women in life always have a mysterious color, people want to approached but daunting.


This mature retro style with small flowers dotted clothes, as if falling from the same sky. Black striped round neck, unique design. Not difficult to find the collar at the jewelry and lace sleeves to the clothing again plus points. Dress skirt full of blossoming flowers, adding a sense of hierarchy and delicate. To attend the party is definitely the focus.

成熟不显老气的搭配 搭出御姐范儿

When I saw this dress, I thought of the colorful lights that danced in the dance floor. Irregular polka dots more than a neat Queen Van, for you to create a simple silhouette of the waist shape of fashion modeling, sketched graceful figure, a strong atmosphere without losing the elegant elegance of a woman.

Musical Fountain

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